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This is a catch-all page for the difficulties and knowledge required to make printing on Terminal Services run smoothly.


Terminal Services provides little to no support for passing tray data on prints. This means that attempting to print to a specific tray will generally just print to the default tray, leading to a great deal of confusion and unhappiness. The following steps fix that:

  • Rename the printer as it is to include the tray it's printing to in its name
    • ie: "HP Printer" becomes "HP Printer Tray 2"
  • Make a new printer, using the same exact location and driver as the original
  • Name it to reference the tray it's supposed to use
    • ie: "HP Printer Tray 4"
  • Alter the printer's settings to use the desired tray in every location that lets you set said values
    • Printer Settings AND Printer Defaults!

Once this is done, printing to a specific tray means you pick the printer with the correct name.

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