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A line item is any item on any document whether it be a Sales Order, a Work Order, a Purchase Order, or something else. Line items can have one of the following types:

  • Inventory - The line is an item in inventory. Since information about this line is already specified with its inventory record, the user doesn't have to modify much of anything. Availability can also be shown for these items.
  • Vendor Catalog Item - The line is not in inventory but it is referenced in a vendor catalog. Lots of information, like pricing can be taken from the catalog entry and used as a default on the line.
  • Miscellaneous Vendor Item - The line is not in inventory or a vendor catalog, but a vendor has been specified. Defaults about which GL category should be used can be taken from the vendor.
  • Miscellaneous Vehicle Item - The line is not in inventory but it references a stock number. These is handy for salvage yards that do not do full teardowns on the vehicles in their yard. Sales credit is given to the vehicle.
  • Miscellaneous Item - Nothing is known about the item except what is typed directly into the line. Usually this includes only a name, a description, a price, and a quantity.