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Many options (company wide and computer-specific) can be changed one place - the options dialog, which you can open by clicking the Edit menu at the top of ITrack and choosing "Options."

General Tab

Server IP address

The address of the ITrack database server.


The image and attachments directories are where images and attachments are saved on your computer.

The reports directory is where ITrack looks for the report files when printing.

Generally, these directories are pointed at a common location on a shared server.

Printers Tab

This tab allows you to choose what printers ITrack will use to print out various reports, such as sales orders and billing reports. All of these options are computer-specific, except for the Invoice Memo, which is a store-wide setting.

Enterprise Options (Printers).JPG

Printer Type

Every report in ITrack has a printer type. Most of them should be self-explanatory - sales orders default to printing out on the Sales Order printer. Reports that are not obvious are usually filed under the general "Report" type.

Changing Printers

To change the printer for a type, simply pick the printer from the "Printer Name" dropdown. This list of printers will be the same list you see in your Windows Printers.

Copies Per Invoice

By changing this number, you can determine how many copies of your Sales Order will print out when you finalize (close) an invoice.

Invoice Memo

This text is printed at the bottom of every sales order report. This setting is store-wide, and affects everybody at your store.