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Part Modification Screen

This screen provides a location where a list of parts can be viewed and modified in a spreadsheet style layout. From this screen part listings can be sorted and viewed using whichever fields you would like. Also, with the proper permissions, changes to parts can be made on this screen either one at a time or a a batch process. To get to this screen from the Main Menu, click on Part Modification.

Adding Parts

Parts can be added to Part Modification from the Search Screen. To reach the Search Screen you can either click Add in the bottom right of the Part Modification screen or click Search in the left-side Main Menu.

Once you have used search to find the items to be added, add by right-clicking on the item, going to 'Send selected results to...' then clicking Part Modification on the sub-menu. More information about using the Search Screen can be found here.

Multiple items can be sent this way by first highlighting items to be sent by holding down Ctrl and clicking the items. Then, right-click on any of the highlighted items.

Changing Columns

This feature allows you to select which columns to view on the Parts Modification screen. Click the Change Columns button in the upper left to access the Change Columns dialog box.

The columns that will be shown are highlighted. You can select or deselect by clicking the names of the columns.

On the Part Modification screen the columns can be resorted by dragging the title of each column left or right.