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Parts Search Results


  • Black - This is the default color. It indicates no special status.
  • Dark Grey - This is if the record does not have a valid inventory item associated with it. This is used for vehicles (grey vehicles have no whole unit record associated).
  • Blue - While there is quantity on hand, all of it is allocated.
  • Green - The item is overstocked. That is the quantity on hand is greater than the stocking point.
  • Yellow - The item is below its minimum quantity and should be reordered.
  • Red - The part is not available either because it is out of stock or because its record is marked as 'Sold'.

Logic and Priority

Colors are evaluated in a certain order and use certain fields to compute the appropriate color. The following is the order in which colors are used (if an item meets the criterion for two colors, the earlier will be used).

  1. Dark Grey - no inventory record
  2. Red - quantity on hand is less than or equal to 0.
  3. Blue - available quantity is less than or equal to 0 and quantity on hand is greater than 0 (all stock allocated).
  4. Yellow - available quantity is less than the minimum quantity
  5. Green - quantity on hand is greater than maximum quantity and maximum quantity is greater than 0.
  6. Black - default