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As in Pro, the Enterprise tag number is the user identifier for inventory records.

In Enterprise, our users have tended to refer to a "Part Number" as their identifier for inventory records. This has caused confusion, as there are other fields called "Part Number" that refer to industry standard names for parts, or vendor-specific names for parts.

When creating new part records, the setting "Parts"/"Default format for tag #'s on new replenishable parts" contains a string that represents the default format to use on new replenishable parts. There are several fields registered that can be used in this format string as follows:

  • {vendor.code}: the vendor code for the default purchase vendor
  • {inventory.partnumber}: the part # that the default purchase vendor uses to refer to this part (labeled "Part number" on the replenishable tab on the parts screen)
  • {inventory.partnumberstripped}: same as above, but with company-specific Delimeters stripped out (such as dashes or spaces).
  • {manufacturer.code}: the manufacturer code of the part.
  • {}: the model of the part.
  • {model.strippedname}: same as above, but with company-specific delimeters stripped out.
  • {inventory.inventoryid}: the unique SKU of the inventory record.

For example, let use consider an example:

Manufacturer: Fuller (code: FUL) Model: S-1659 Default purchase vendor: MW vendor part number: S1659

The default format is "{vendor.code} {inventory.partnumber}" which would result in: MW S1659

However, another format that could be used is "{manufacturer.code}-{}" which would result in: FUL-S-1659


Tag number is stored in the inventory table with the column name `tagnumber`

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