How to run purchase orders and manage postings

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This article describes the generally accepted workflow around Purchase Orders, and how different departments should process them so there isn't any confusion on postings or where information on postings went.

  1. Start a new PO, and load a vendor on to it.
  2. Add inventory items to the PO.
  3. Set the # of quantity you have ordred in the "Quantity" column.
  4. If you have received any of this inventory at this time, put that amount in the "New" column. Save the PO
    • a. If you have received all the inventory you expected, then when you save and the screen prompts you to mark the PO as "Done Receiving", do so and proceed to Step 8.
      • b. If you know that you will not receive any additional quantity from your order, go ahead and mark the PO as "Done Receiving" and proceed to Step 8.
  5. If you have not received all the quantity you ordered yet, save the PO.
  6. When you receive additional quantity for your order, open the PO.
  7. In the "New" column, enter the amount of quantity you received. This will create a new posting on the PO. Enter the amount received, and save the PO. Repeat Step 7 each time you receive new inventory from your order.
    • a. If you have received all the quantity from your order, go to Step 4a.
  8. When the PO has been marked as Done Receiving, the office should be notified. They can check the Home screen for POs marked as "Done Receiving" to know which to look at.
  9. For administrators/office staff who need to enter prices or add a vendor invoice #, they should open the PO.
    • a. When you open a PO with previous postings, it will ask you which posting you want to load. Load the most recent posting.
  10. Add prices, vendor invoice # and any other information on the most recent posting.
  11. Save the document.
  12. You should now have all your inventory received, and the pertinent prices and vendor invoice # should be present on the last posting.