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ISoft Data Systems provides support for appraising heavy truck parts! There are many ways in which this data can be generated, found, and used:

Where does it come from?

We currently use two separate data sources for appraisals.

  • searchable parts
  • Berryhill Auctioneers results

We make the available data anonymous (you won't be able to tell which companies or individuals are buying/selling which parts) and use statistical analysis to turn hundreds of thousands of entries into a meaningful data set.

We do NOT use private sales histories from, or from individual yards. We do use Berryhill Auctioneer's sales data, but all buyer/seller information is removed from the data set before it is made searchable.

Where does it get used?

All sorts of places!

  • ITrack AX Search Screen (used for pre-auction estimation, as well as data set validation)
  • ITrack Pro and Enterprise Search Screens
  • ITrack Pro's Teardowns tab for Vehicles
  • ITrack Enterprise's parts screen

What kinds of information is included?

When you appraise a part, information about that part is used to find a data set entry that closely matches it. If a match is found, you'll get the following data back:

  • The appraised value (the average value of selling prices for like parts)
  • The estimate's deviance (an estimate of how good the appraisal is; lower is better!)
  • The min/max of the range (the top and bottom values of like parts used in the estimate)
  • The search relevance (an indicator of how well the part matched the data set entry it was matched to; higher is better)

How can I make sure my parts are getting matched well?

In order to get good appraisal values, make sure your parts have the following (in order of importance):

  • A correct inventory type
  • A make/manufacturer (either/or, both is okay too)
  • A model (again, having model and pmodel set is okay!)
  • A category (USED, NEW, CORE)
  • A year

Please know that if you have changed your inventory type mappings, or added new ones, they won't match up with the one used by Berryhill Auctioneers or, leading to bad results. We're looking into remedying this with a way of mapping custom inventory types to the standard ones, but this is not currently implemented. Also know that categories that use special terms (such as XSS or ROTATED) fall into the same issue.

How do I get it?

If you have ITrack AX, Pro, or Enterprise, you already have the ability to appraise parts from the searchable parts! If you'd like to get access to the auction data appraisal information, please call our Sales Department at 1-800-929-1829 and someone will get you all set up.

If you have any questions about how appraisals work that this page does not answer, don't hesitate to contact Justin at ISoft via chat or phone (ext 115).