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  • Fixed: if the user cancels a print job, it will no longer pop up an error dialog.


  • Added: the Actions->Assess finance charges dialog is now non-modal. That means the user can do other things while they are building finance charges.
  • Added: finance charge dialog now allows the user to edit the charge amount column for manual adjustments. Also, this column is now bold.
  • Added: a terms dropdown, allowing the user to assess finance charges for a specific term at one time.
  • Added: the user can now choose the 'effective date' to be used when finance charges will be assessed. This defaults to the most recent term period end date.
  • Added: as the user changes the terms and effective date, a read-only date time field will show the last day on which finance charges will be assessed. This day represents the beginning of the 'grace period' in which invoices don't get FCs. This date is one full term period before the effective date.
  • Added: a 'view customer' button. Hitting this (or doubleclicking a line) will open the corresponding customer on the customer screen.
  • Added: the main query that finds all invoices to charge now simply finds all invoices before the 'grace period beginning' date.
  • Added: the main query is now run in batches. This should help situations where lots of rows need to be examined and the user doesn't wish to lock other users out. This chunk size defaults to 200 rows, but can be set as a user setting under "Administration"
  • Fixed: the code that calculates invoice 'due date's now uses standardized date libraries. This should fix strange behavior in leap years.
  • Added: finance charge adjustments now copy their data from the Interest adjustment type correctly.
  • Added: if the Interest adjustment type is a subtotal adjustment (or taxable), then affected invoices will have their subtotal and tax recalculated when interest charges are added to them.
  • Fixed: some minor issues with what dates were being selected for the grace period beginning.
  • Added: the user can now override the charge amount by typing in that column.
  • Added: the column order/width is now saved on close.
  • Added: a column that shows how many days past due a particular invoice is.
  • Added: the store list now limits the results based on invoice store, instead of customer's default store.
  • Added: the invoice list is now sorted by customer, then invoice date.
  • Added: a column that shows an invoice's sequential id.
  • Added: a column that shows the invoice's date.
  • Added: check/uncheck all buttons.
  • Added: view invoice button. Also, double-clicking on the invoice # column or sequential # column will open the selected invoice on the SO screen.

Database Updates

  • Added: new part configuration permissions.
  • Fixed: the "Inventory setup" permissions have be renamed to part configuration permissions.


  • Added: new permissions to each tab to make sure unauthorized users can't change anything.
  • Fixed: the inventory model tab no longer lets a user without correct permissions to doubleclick entries to modify them.
  • Fixed: the service units tab now renders more reasonably when resized.


  • Fixed: an issue on parts where the part type was different than the assembly part type in which the model and assembly model would clear each other out.
  • Fixed: the breakdown dialog no longer complains that non-serialized items don't have a serial # chosen.

RPT: SalesBySalespersonWithCoreInfo

  • Fixed: several speed issues in this report. This report should now execute much faster.==2011-11-02==


  • Fixed: an issue on parts where the part type was different than the assembly part type in which the model and assembly model would clear each other out.==2011-11-01==


  • Fixed: a crash that could occur if the user updated something on the first tab without visiting the other tabs first.

Common Resources

  • Added: new email dialog features.


  • Added: the customer core tab now shows the shipping address city and the billing address city in 2 new columns. The billing address phone # and shipping address phone # are no longer in the customer information columns.


  • Fixed: an issue where report updates might not be handled correctly.
  • Added: tentative initial support for getting new reports over the updater.


  • Removed: the pricing page from the options dialog. This dialog is a holdover from ITrack pro, and wasn't functioning in ITrack enterprise. These settings can be configured correctly through the Configure->Settings dialog, so it has been removed from this area.


  • Added: if any of the cost to retail or wholesale markup ratios are 0, they are ignored. This should keep the retail and wholesale from being set to cost on new parts (bug 2209).
  • Fixed: non-public images no longer get attached to emails by default.
  • Added: the ability for other screens to easily email parts (more to come on this later).
  • Added: the parts screen email function now looks in the user settings ("Parts: Email Settings") for whether individual fields should be included in an email by default.
  • Added: the parts screen now updates the user settings when fields are checked or unchecked in the email dialog.
  • Added: a new email button to the top of the parts screen, as the email function is not image-specific.


  • Added: hitting the email button on the picture view dialog on a part picture now begins a part email without opening the part on the parts screen.


  • Added: Q&A options are not unchecked by default in the email dialog if the option is non-public.
  • Added: if the user checks or unchecks items in the email vehicle dialog, those choices are now saved to the user settings.


Common Resources

  • Added: support for recent changes.