ITrack/Enterprise/Changelog 2012-06

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  • Fixed: a bug where sometimes alternate location information did not get updated in database.



  • Added: additional database structure required for LX. This will not be used immediately.
  • Fixed: a bug where updates to locations at one store were incorrectly modifying location IDs at different stores. This may have caused unexpected cross-store behavior.
  • Fixed: a bug where deleting a location from the locations library was not returning any affected items back to using a virtual location.


  • Added: a new permisson called "Inventory detail" in the category "LX" to allow users to use LX scanners to view part details.

Report Viewer

  • Fixed: an issue where report parameters weren't loading their choices. This affected dropdown style options on the report viewer screen.


  • Added: a global company setting (suggested by Chad @ VHI) that controls whether average cost should be treated as statically allocated cost. If this is off, add-on costs stay in the vehicle cost pool for assignment to the next available part sale.