ITrack/Enterprise/Changelog 2012-08

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  • Made the pricing tab easier to use if the user did not have permission to make changes, but still needed the information.

Data Management

  • Fixed a crash bug when using the Inventory module.


  • Improved the speed of location lookups.
  • Added a new location warning icon.
  • Fixed an issue where locations were not appearing in the configuration list if they were exclusively used for inventory with negative quantity.
  • Improved the image saving process as it gets inserted into the database.
  • Improved error reporting capabilities.
  • Payment Methods are no longer required to have a valid GL account number when the accounting system is turned off. This was causing a database error. (Case 4761)

Inventory Overview

  • Added an optional inventory popularity code column.


  • Substantial reworking to serial tracking on Q&A tab.
  • Locations now interact with serials in a much more uniform manner.
  • Added a warning when item quantity does not equal serial count. This is to improve inventory uniformity.
  • Assigning locations to serials is now done on the Q&A tab.
  • Fixed a typo in the print tags dialog.
  • Q&A fields may now have multiple lines.
  • Sell Price Class on replenishable parts must now be a configured entry, and cannot erroneously be set to a non-existing class.
  • Fixed a bug where serialized inventory was not building its location list correctly in some cases.
  • When a part is replicated to another yard, the location field and hold quantity is no longer carried over.

Purchase Orders

  • Made transfer order quantity changes faster in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug where TO's location edit dialog would be read-only under certain circumstances.
  • Transfer orders can now be saved when item quantities have more than or equal locations compared to recv'd quantity, but less locations than order quantity.
  • Fixes to the way that locations on transfer orders work.
  • Fixed several issues with transferring serialized inventory.
  • Serials assigned to a line item are now ordered as users would expect.
  • This screen now hopefully crashes a lot less.
  • Transfer orders no longer keep received items on hold.
  • PO adjustments no longer need to be associated with a GL account when accounting is off. This was causing a database error. (Case 4849)

Report Viewer

  • Fixed: reports will now load their default parameter values.

Report: Pick List

  • Added columns for SKU and Category.
  • Changed Part # Column Header to Tag#.
  • Changed Orientation to Landscape.

Report: Sales Order 11in

  • Sales orders now sort items as they appear on screen in Enterprise.

Report: Tag

  • Barcode now includes serial ids when available.

Sales Order

  • Fixed Serial drop down is now sized appropriately.
  • Sales Orders are now able to accept location breakout entries from the Search Screen.
  • Fixed a bug where sales orders would check linked items (the items contained in the kit) and pop up the allocate costs dialog if there were any (which was all the time, and wrong every time).
  • Serials assigned to a line item are now ordered as users would expect.
  • Fixed various crashes.


  • Several fixes to location breakout functionality.
  • Locked search lines still get cleared when switching between breakout and normal searches.
  • Menu UI now more properly reflects breakout abilities.

Work Order

  • Fixed an issue where the WO-to-SO dialog would only show up to six months of activity. This has been changed to the 200 most recent available sales orders.
  • Serials assigned to a line item are now order as users would expect.
  • Removed a requirement to add a serial and location to a master part as soon as it is put on a WO. (Case 4860)