ITrack/Enterprise/Changelog 2012-09

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  • Fixed a bug that involved scroll bars in tree controls not being properly created/handled.


  • Fixed a bug where Enterprise's eBay items for export that had more than one image would simply repeat that image, instead of having the right images. (Case 4955)


  • New vehicles are now added as taxable.

Location Management

  • This is a new screen to do LX scan job approvals and manual cycle count entries.


  • Fixed a bug where parts with a serial entry did not put the first serial into the Part Information tab on parts screen. (Case 4894)

Parts Configuration

  • Fixed a bug where part options couldn't be ordered as expected in some cases.

Purchase Orders

  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to have a hard crash when adding add-on costs to a vehicle.
  • Fixed a bug where serialized inventory would have its description truncated on transfer orders. (Case 5028)

Sales Orders

  • Documents types are now sorted by document rank, and not alphabetically. Document rank can be modified by dragging and dropping items on the Configure Sales Order Document Types dialog in the Configure menu. (Case 5002)
  • Made the tax type combo capable of handling a large number of entries.

Work Orders

  • Fixed an error where finalizing an external Work Order with open clocks and then sending it to a Sales Order would result in incorrect/zero cost/price, as well as incorrect GL entries. (Case 4586)

Report: Sales Order 11in

  • Inherent Cores for items were still displaying part messages, so it looked like the messages were duplicating on a different line item. This has now been corrected. (Case 3019)