ITrack/Enterprise/Changelog Version 1.2

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  • Fixed: the 'Both' setting for attachments now works correctly.
  • Added: a new permission at Sales Orders > 'Return expired/past-due items' to control sales returns after the expiration date.
  • Fixed: a round-off error when adjusting average core costs.
  • Added: a new permission at Configuration > 'Manage sell price classes' that controls users' permission to modify sell price classes.

GL Accounting

  • Fixed (case 7617): an issue where voiding an existing invoice could cause a crash during accounting in some circumstances.
  • Fixed (case 7622): a possible crash during accounting when a payment had its amount changed.
  • Fixed: (case 7617) an issue where voiding invoice with payments on them might crash.

Purchase Orders

  • Fixed: (case 7620) an issue that might ignore some return lines when returning 2 or more contiguous items off of the same PO.