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Release 9.3


  • Fixed: (case 11845) a problem where location data would be incorrect after transferring a vehicle to a new store
  • Fixed: (case 15908) an issue where, if max % of price was filled out, an item's cost could drop below inventory.averagecost (only matters if statically allocated average costs is turned on)
  • Performance: (case 16372) makes the sales appraisal faster. This no longer uses a temporary table, and it eliminated multiple update passes. The loss is that we no longer ignore items with a price or days in inventory 2 standard deviations from the mean, as that requires running the query twice. Also, we now check settings for various values that control the fitness of a sales row.


  • Fixed: (case 16002) an issue where using the mouse to click (confirm selection of) the first suggested item now properly selects the item. This was only causing trouble when the user would look items up by something other than the start of the item text.
  • Fixed: (case 16370) an issue where the application might crash if the user typed something into a dropdown that didn't match an item then clicked outside of the combo.
  • Added: the ability to use {inventory.oemnumber} as a tag when auto-generating tag numbers.


Pick List

  • Fixed: 'picked' and 'needed' columns and made the report look nicer.

Top Customers Trending

  • Fixed: an issue with the storeid parameter in the key and pie subreports.

Top Part Type Age Trending

  • Added: this is a new report

Top Salespeople Trending

  • Fixed: an issue with the storeid parameter in the key and pie subreports.


  • Fixed: (case 16056) an issue where the store combo wasn't getting a default value correctly.
  • Fixed: (case 15886) a crash when the user would double click in an empty space in a list on the performance tab.

Release 9.2


Sales By Tax Item

  • Fixed: made the report look nicer, fixed a bad formula.
  • Fixed: quantity problem on regular taxable lineitems.
  • Added: a setting to the Sales By Tax Item report to treat taxable 0.00% tax item lines as non-taxable.

Sales By Tax Item and City

  • Fixed: a parameter issue causing a "this field name is not known" error.
  • Fixed: (case 16077) Removed non-sale column. Fixed aggregation error that occurred on invoices where there were multiple salesorderlines and at least one adjustment or multiple adjustments and at least one salesorderline.

Work Orders

  • Fixed: (case 16082) a problem where the WO screen would not recognize adding hot items.
  • Fixed: (case 16081) a problem where, when input in the lookup field kicked the user over to the search screen, double clicking on a part would open the parts screen instead of adding that part to the WO.

Release 9.1

MySql Connection

  • Fixed: (case 16049) a problem where leaving the logfile parameter in host.ini blank could crash Enterprise

Release 9.0


  • The Work Order screen has been redesigned. The goal of this new format was to allow more room for technicians to take detailed notes. As well as the layout, we've added a new 'status' feature for jobs and fixed many bugs.
  • The EBay extension has been improved and many features added.
  • New reports in the 'Insights' category have been added to help examine trends in your business.
  • Payment document type has been added to the Transaction List screen


  • Added: (case 9248) Footers for the account (total unique accounts) and amount (credit, debit and total) in the entries tab.


  • Fixed: (case 14421) an issue where the remittance boxes (0-30 days, 30-60 days, etc) weren't refreshing correctly on saved customers when they were loaded.
  • Fixed: (case 15265) an issue where the customer's default terms would appear to be set, but would stay NULL.
  • Fixed: (Case 15430) Changing the default on a customer's payment methods now correctly saves and prompts for saving even if it's the only change.

Common Resources

  • Fixed: the print tags popup no longer has memory leaks.
  • Fixed: the print tags popup now has a layout and text prompts similar to other screens.
  • Added: icons to the buttons in the print tags popup.

Crystal Reports Extension

  • Added: (case 10703) a new edit->options->reports tab. The previous page wasn't very useful and essentially had no purpose any longer. The new version actually allows a user with permission to manage the reports visible in their system (deleting, renaming, managing parameters, etc) as well as add and replace existing reports.
  • Removed: Edit->Options->Reports. This page has been moved to its own configuration screen because it affects all users, not just the local machine. Some users were accidentally changing reports when they meant to just configure their printers.
  • Added: Configure->Printers. This is a permission-controlled dialog for managing all reports, system-wide.
  • Added: Edit->Printers. Since this is a semi-common user operation, the printers page has been given its own edit dialog. For now, it still appears in edit->options as well.
  • Added: support for retrieving information about a crystal report file loaded from the system. We can read parameter names and types as well as page orientation and desired paper type.
  • Added: the rank column is now present in the Configure->reports dialog.
  • Added: if the user adds new Report(s) from a file (through drag and drop or the add button), the report file is scanned for parameters and paper orientation. This information is auto-populated into the new report.
  • Added: support for managing fixed report parameter values in the configure->reports dialog.
  • Added: the advanced button now has a 'export selected reports' option. This will create a .SQL file with queries that will create the selected reports, parameters, and parameter values on any database. This will only be useful for someone who wishes to manage their own report files (rare) as well as the application support team.


  • Fixed: (case 14153) v_salesorderitem no longer contains duplicate column names.
  • Fixed: A scansession key wasn't unique enough, and would cause errors on update.
  • Fixed: (Case 14165) Corrected an issue where historical data was lost on table update.
  • Fixed: back in 6.0 we deprecated the setting that would check whether to use statically calculated hold quantities, but for some reason f_quantityavailable didn't get updated. This function now always uses the statically calculated hold quantities all the time, similar to the changes to f_quantityonorder. This should make search much faster for any company who wasn't already using statically calculated holds.
  • Added: (case 14738) altered vehicle.sellerinfo and vehicle.pickupinfo to text
  • Added: an index to speed up adding pictures to parts
  • Fixed: (Case 14312) updated the "Inventory" data import to be compatible with InnoDB tables
  • Fixed: (Case 14342) A bug where creditsalesorderlineid values were not being updated correctly, resulting in lost data for salesorderline and purchaseorderline.
  • Fixed: a duplicate key error from occurring during an "Inventory" import when there are duplicate tagnumbers in inventory
  • Fixed: (case 14387) an issue where there would be an error when the first PO, SO, or WO was created on a new database that was using InnoDB.
  • Performance: added an index to the collection table that makes searches faster after recent changes.
  • Fixed: (case 14561) an issue where loading an existing WO with master parts would display the quantity as the default master part quantity instead of the saved value.
  • Fixed: an issue where, if a store had a location with an empty location name, auto-pick shipping methods might do pick and move even when it was disabled.
  • Fixed: (case 14637) if the user finalized a new SO with multiple items from the same vehicle, it was possible that they might over-allocate vehicle costs.
  • Fixed: (Case 14647) a problem where, if the innodb_inventoryid and inventoryid were not the same, the core management screen would return cores incorrectly.
  • Added: (Case 14633) shipping methods now have a field called showonpicking, which controls whether documents with this shippingmethod can be shown on the picking screen.
  • Fixed: an issue where transferred vehicles (and parts that are non-replenishable) would be status S after being transferred instead of status T.
  • Added: (case 14912) for speed purposes, an index has been added to salesorderline involving vehicleid, salesorderid, storeid, salesorderlineid. This speeds up sales order loads significantly on very large data sets due to what appears to be a bug in MySQL.
  • Performance: (case 14920) sales appraisals now only consider sales history with a matching manufacturer within the last 2 years. This makes the appraisal process take 90% less time.
  • Added: f_location_refresh should now correctly 'merge' locations on a part if the user renames a location in the location library to match another location. Before, an error would be thrown because the part had a duplicate location.
  • Performance: f_refresh_document_delivered is now much quicker. It was taking about 20-30s to run for all 150 items on large documents, but now it takes about 1.5s.
  • Fixed: an issue where inserting new report parameters was causing issues.
  • Fixed: an issue keeping ITrack from inserting new report parameters.
  • Added: a new permission controlling whether the user can go into the configure->reports dialog.
  • Fixed: an issue where f_location_refresh could throw duplicate key errors if a part was at one location and had the locationid of a different location. This should also make the refresh operation faster.
  • Removed: (case 14928) the change item price permission wasn't always working because there was a setting that had to be set before it would control things. This setting has been removed. Now, the permission alone controls whether a user can edit prices on a sales order. This permission has been defaulted to on for all users who could edit sales orders to make sure no one loses functionality.
  • Removed: an unused query from p_get_sales_appraisl
  • Fixed: (case 15275) a possible database error that could occur while finalizing a SO or WO. It was a rare recursive function error that could occur when adjusting inventory locations.
  • Removed: an unused setting that was redundant with the setting for the default number of days the customer has to return a core charge.
  • Added: there is now a unique key in the importtypecommand table, this should avoid any issues where duplicate commands get created.
  • Added: (case 15204) support for a new command timing for import scripts "Before Mapping".
  • Fixed: (case 15311) an issue where vehicles might consume an incorrect cost if the corresponding GL category had a 'maximum % of price' filled out.
  • Added: (case 15341) an "Ext. Price" search filter and field to the Transaction List.
  • Added: an index for speeding up sales appraisals for WO activity.
  • Added: unique indexes to tables used by the Transaction List to help add future fields and filters.
  • Added: (case 15313) receiving a vehicle on a PO can now set the vehicle's received date again. Now, there is a setting that can disable this for those who want to set received date manually.
  • Added: (case 15313) collections now have a date created. This will be useful for storing when a teardown was created.
  • Fixed: (case 15249) an issue where work orders were not updating hold quantities correctly (mostly when consuming inventory from another store).
  • Fixed: (case 14879) an issue where transfer orders were not updating their hold quantities correctly in all cases.
  • Added: (case 15365) Payment document fields and filters to the Transaction List
  • Added: (case 15231) functionality for scheduling SOs that automatically get cloned every month.
  • Added: (case 15231) salesorderdocument.clonedsalesorderdocumentid, which (if filled out) will be the salesorderdocumentid of all salesorders that get automatically cloned as part of a recurring invoice scheme.
  • Performance: added various indices to scanning related tables.
  • Added: `completed` column to the jobtask table.
  • Added: Update query to set `completed` to 'True' if the completeduserid is not NULL.
  • Fixed: (case 15662) various small changes have been made to make several slow queries faster. This should be very noticeable on large databases.
  • Added: (case 15702) Sales Order adjustment fields and filters to the Transaction List.
  • Added: the index on now includes storeid to speed up some reports.
  • Fixed: an issue where moving inventory could result in an infinite loop if a fractional quantity was used.
  • Fixed: a possible bug where the Work Order External report had an incorrect value for it's type, and therefore never showed up as an option.

Data Management

  • Fixed: an issue where unchanged row count could be negative.
  • Fixed: an issue where "Before Conversion Validation" commands were not being run.
  • Fixed: an issue where the record terminator wasn't displaying a linebreak correctly. Essentially, tab will now be shown as \t, and newline will be shown as \r\n or \n. Also, an escape character of \ will now be displayed as \\ for consistency.
  • Added: (case 15204) support for a new command timing for import scripts "Before Mapping".


  • Added: (case 14633) documents that have a shipping method that is not set to show on picking will no longer show up to be picked.
  • Fixed: (case 14633) an issue where putting the cursor into one of the staging location dropdowns, and then clicking out would erroneously cause a 'are you sure you want to change the staging area' popup to appear.
  • Added: an extra check to suppress the confirmation dialog for changing the picking staging locations if the user doesn't have permission to change them. In some cases, users were still seeing this popup.

Ebay Extension

  • Syncing an ebay account in an external browser is now "functional"
  • Added: a refresh button for ebay accounts
  • Added: now notify the user when an account sync is in progress
  • Changed: the "Default" status filter option to say "Active or Closed" because Default is a not obvious.
  • Changed: how the list controller footer formats listing counts(proper plural usage).
  • Added: when "Active or Closed" is selected, the list control footer will now also show the count of active listing in addition to closed and total listings.
  • Added: (Case 14748) "30 Days" and "Good Til' Cancelled" options for Fixed Price type ebay listings, not shown for Auction type ebay listings.
  • Fixed: (Case 15255) Good Til' Cancelled now saves and loads correctly.
  • Added: (Case 15298) 30 day (Days_30) and Good Til Cancelled (GTC) have been added as default choices.
  • Added: (Case 14750) ShippingPackageDetails(Length, Width, Depth and Weight) are now added to our ebay request.
  • Added: (Case 15639) Defaults added to the EBay config screen. Payment Methods still need to be fixed, as does the dispatch time dropdown pulling into new listings.Otherwise, defaults are all present and pulling into new listings.
  • Fixed: (Case 15639) sandbox mode hidden from release builds
  • Fixed: Additional functionality for defaults
  • Fixed: (Case 15678) Moved tab order and renamed to Global Config and Advanced Config
  • Added: Date range filtering on the auctions tab.(case 14749)
  • Added: Global Shipping line to Ebay.xml Export
  • Fixed: (Case 14747) Corrected some issues with ebay defaults loading
  • Fixed: (Case 15729) Shipping Option Defaults hidden for now while we get change detection, saving and deleting working correctly.

Auctions tab

  • Changed: Counts of each status group are no longer in statics. Now, the value is show in a list control footer for the selected status.
  • Changed: There is no longer a splitter resizer thing in between the lists. The auctions list gets most of the available vertical space and the size of the transaction list is smaller and static. This was done in part due the splitter resizer and list control footers no being friendly with each other.
  • Changed: "Create Hold" and "Create Invoice" buttons have been moved to the bottom as they're actions with require selection from the lists above.
  • Added: "Create Hold" button now requires an auction to be selected to become active. Tooltips are aware of this.
  • Added: "Create Invoice" button now requires an auction & transaction to be selected to become active. Tooltips are aware of this.

Parts Listing tab

  • Added: More descriptive button text.
  • Added: When the user goes to the tab with no items, focus it put on the "Add Part from Inventory" button. After adding an item, it is selected in the list and focus is put on the "Edit Item Listing" button so they can jump right into the dialog(I assume this is what most users will want to do at this stage)
  • Changed: "Export" button has been renamed to "Export to CSV". This button is now only shown if the user has Turbo Lister installed.
  • Added: Confirmation dialog when deleting Item(s).
  • Added: "List on eBay" button. This functionality has been removed the from the Export split button to emphasize it.
  • Added: Slightly improved feedback after pressing the "List on eBay" button via a statusbar message.
  • Changed: The "Remove Item" button will now say "Remove Items" if they have more than 1 item selected in the list.

Edit Listing Dialog

  • Changed: Edit Listing dialog has been reorganized to flow better and better spacing has been given between controls.
  • Added: When the "Returns Accepted" checkbox is unchecked the various corresponding controls will become inactive.
  • Added: Starting Price, Buy it Now Price & Reserve Price edits now do proper currency formatting.
  • Changed: Some of the combos that were displaying API strings are now displaying friendlier strings(listing duration & dispatch time. (I would like to eventually fix the rest)
  • Added: Category dropdown is now an advanced combo box that suggest things based on what the user types. This is useful for the tree style strings that eBay uses for their categories.
  • Fixed: a crash that would occur if the user pressed the Delete button for Shipping Options when no shipping option was selected in the list.
  • Added: Clicking the Add button for Shipping Options now automatically puts the users focus in the "Shipping Service" column dropdown in the shipping options list.
  • Added: Icons to the Add and Delete buttons for Shipping Options

Templates tab

Edit Template dialog

  • Added: When the "Returns Accepted" checkbox is unchecked the various corresponding controls will become inactive.

Global Settings Extension

  • Fixed: (case 14207) an issue where printing reports would sometimes not pass the parameters in correctly.
  • Removed: the old edit->Options->reports tab since there is a newer, better version.


  • Added: (case 15471) a new interchange search page.
  • Changed: the existing interchange search page has been renamed to Interchange (Old) so that it can still be used side by side with the new interchange interface.
  • Added: The work area now resizes with the total available screen space. The pricing area has been removed and a aggregate sales information area has been put in its place. The search panes have been reworked to be more intuitive.


  • Added: support for now configure->reports permission.


  • Changed: messages sent between screens through master are now done in a way that should be faster and allow the calling screen to know whether the message was handled or not.
  • Fixed: an issue with global hotkeys that was causing them to not be called in some corner cases, like before the user had clicked into any screens.
  • Fixed: an unnecessary error popup that would occur if the user was sending a message to a screen that was not open.
  • Fixed: (case 14506) the database updater now correctly parses events and triggers, and should no longer have trouble with versions that end with an EVENT declaration.
  • Added: if ITrack.exe fails to write a setting out to the ini file, it now displays an error in the status bar so that we can debug situations where users cannot seem to write printer choices to their settings file.
  • Fixed: some minor issues with error reports that are reported to the error reporting server.

MySQL Connection

  • Added: support for a new database mode where disconnects are not automatically reconnected, but instead must be manually reconnected.
  • Added: (case 14552) support for a new database mode where the application catches all database disconnections and automatically attempts a fixed number of reconnection attempts before throwing an error (the default reconnection attempt count is 1). This is the new default mode.
  • Added: for legacy support, there is a legacy database mode where reconnects are handled automatically by MySQL. This mode is not transaction safe, and so is being deprecated.
  • Changed: Several low-level database operations have been sped up, including checking to see if a connection is live, as well as disconnecting.
  • Added: all ISoft database error codes have been given formal #'s in the 100 to 200 range to keep them separate from the MySQL database error codes (1000 to 2999)
  • Added: (case 14552) any disconnections (manual, timeout, explicit connection termination on the server side) will cause a new error ("Connection lost during transaction" error # 103) to be thrown on the next query to be run. This feature requires the database connection to be in the new AUTO_RECONNECT mode, which is the default. Also, this only applies to code that explicitly begins transactions. This solves a central issue where bad connections could lead to partial saves being lost due to the implicit ROLLBACK performed by MySQL when a connection is lost. Now, the application will detect this state and return an error so that it can be handled gracefully.
  • Added: the MySQL connection now puts more information in the (optional) log file. This includes notes whenever disconnects were noticed, as well as a note for every auto-reconnect attempt. This makes the log file more readable when debugging operations that spanned multiple reconnects and identifying errors that occurred because of a disconnect in the middle of a transaction.
  • Fixed: code that calls Disconnect directly will no longer cause the application to get into a state where it would not reconnect anymore.
  • Changed: The Reconnect operation now simply calls Disconnect and Connect, to avoid previous issues where it was handled differently.
  • Added: support for hiding the 'retry' button on the query error dialog if the error being reported is that the tranaction was interrupted. This is because, in this case, the entire transaction must be re-run to ensure validity.
  • Added: Support for socket-based connections.


  • Added: the global hotkey for 'search for part' (default: F4) now sends the part that gets found to the currently screen. If the current screen can't handle parts messages (such as Home), the part will instead be opened on the parts screen.
  • Changed: Renamed the "Part Transaction" tab to "History".
  • Fixed: (case 14203) if the user had replenishable parts default to not public, doing a save & clear operation after updating a replenishable part would cause an unnecessary 'do you want to save' prompt to appear during the screen close process.
  • Fixed: an issue where typing into the location dropdown on the aftermarket tab would act normal unless the user tried to type in a new location name.
  • Fixed: an issue where deleting a location from a part wouldn't work right if the user changed the location name before deleting it. This could happen if the user changed the location to "", implicitly causing a location to be deleted.
  • Fixed: an issue where the location dropdown on the replenishable tab would always initially have a very short dropdown, making it hard to use.
  • Changed: the 4 flex fields now only load the first 1000 distinct choices found in inventory for cases where there are more options than that. This makes loading parts and choosing part types much faster on databases where every component gets a unique value in one of these flex fields (such as a casting # or VIN). In cases like that, auto-complete is not helpful anyway.
  • Added: the days to return core is now set on new parts based on the setting "Default: days to exchange cores for new items"
  • Fixed: (Case 15187) New parts added to assemblies will now correctly show the retail core price in the retail core price column.
  • Fixed: (case 15662) deleting a location should now more quickly delete all document allocations against that location. This query was taking longer than necessary on large databases.
  • Fixed: an issue where the vehicle make and model might not display correctly when a the user loaded a stock # onto a new part.
  • Changed: all the dropdowns now become readonly instead of invalid when the user doesn't have permission or other situations where the fields cannot be edited. Readonly dropdowns are easier to read and interact with.
  • Removed: parts were only partially inheriting the status of the vehicle whose stock # was loaded onto the part. Because it wasn't working right, it has been disabled for now until we figure out if its something that should be added back in.
  • Performance: loading vehicles should now be slightly faster and run fewer queries.

Part Configuration

  • Fixed: (Case 15152) A database error that occurred when activating a new part category.
  • Fixed: a bug where it was possible to create an inventory type of 0. case 15562

Purchase Orders:

  • Fixed: (case 15132) a rare crash that could be caused by adding new order fulfillments to an existing PO.
  • Fixed: all fulfillable items now show by default when the user opens the fulfillment dialog on existing POs.
  • Added: doubleclicking an item in the "choose source" dialog inside the order fulfillment dialog now selects the item in question and closes.
  • Fixed: sometimes adding a new fulfillment to an existing PO would show the wrong sources in the choose source dialog.

Report Viewer

  • Added: if the user enters an invalid parameter value, when they leave the field, the value will be updated to reflect a valid value. This means entering "ABCDEF" into a number filed will be replaced with the value 0. This fixes an issue where such values were being treated as 0 but the user was not aware.



  • Fixed: an issue with the activity section (or OIA list if that setting is turned on) of the report listing customer documents for all stores when a single store is selected.

Inventory Adjustment Log

  • Added: (case 14614) a new sort by parameter

Inventory Count Sheet

  • Fixed: (case 15085) an error that could occur when certain parameters are passed in

Inventory Detail By Part Type

  • Fixed: (case 15428) average cost calculations on this report were updated to use the database costing function, which takes cost settings into consideration

Inventory Summary

  • Fixed: (case 15120) average cost calculations on this report were updated to use the database costing function, which takes cost settings into consideration
  • Added: (case 14884) a new option to group the report by category


  • Fixed: (case 14657) a problem where fields were getting cut off

Payment Receipt

  • Added: (case 15092) store logo in header of the report

Sales By Tax Item

  • Fixed: (case 15321) a problem where the report didn't sum groups correctly

Sales Order 11in

  • Added: a setting to the SO giving the option to display tax item.
  • Fixed: report now listens to the "print part detail" checkbox on work orders.


  • Changed: (case 14249) barcodes have been made taller

Top Customers Trending

  • New Report (case 12989)

Top Part Type Sales Trending

  • New Report (case 12987)

Top Salespeople Trending

  • New Report (case 12990)

Unbalanced Items

  • Fixed: (case 14859) where the cashonly parameter would not get passed to the report correctly

Unmoved Inventory

  • Fixed: (case 15733) a problem where the report could be blank if certain date parameters were entered
  • Added: Added a parameter to Unmoved Inventory report, added dynamic parameters, and updated average cost calculation.

Vehicle Value Analysis

  • Fixed: column "Sold ($)" is now wider
  • Improved performance
  • Added: GM% column

Sales Orders

  • Added: (case 14599) new adjustment types will now default to printable. Also, the user can now change this field on all adjustment types.
  • Fixed: (case 14637) when loading a SO with multiple parts off of the same vehicle where the entire vehicle cost was allocated should now correctly display the total vehicle cost on the items without requiring a refresh.
  • Removed: (case 14637) when saving an open SO with multiple parts off of the same vehicle, the correct cost allocations should be saved now. When the SO is being finalized, this recalculation will still be run to ensure that vehicle cost allocations don't over-allocate the vehicle's current cost.
  • Added: (case 14633) support for a new 'show on picking' flag for shipping methods. It controls whether to show documents with this shipping method on the picking screen and defaults to true.
  • Performance: (case 14912) sales order loads are now much faster in some certain circumstances, mainly revolving around millions of historical sales records on certain versions of MySQL.
  • Removed: (case 14928) the change item price permission wasn't always working because there was a setting that had to be set before it would control things. This setting has been removed. Now, the permission alone controls whether a user can edit prices on a sales order. This permission has been defaulted to on for all users who could edit sales orders to make sure no one loses functionality.


  • Added: if the user selects a part and hits enter or doubleclicks it to send it to another screen, if the recipient screen can't handle the part, it will be opened on the parts screen instead.
  • Fixed: The old IN style for the WHERE clause was causing an unoptimized lookup during updates. Changed it to be AND/OR style and keys are hit now.
  • Fixed: (case 13696) an issue where the search/clear buttons might not be visible on the part or vehicle search pages at minimum resolution.
  • Fixed: an issue where printing serialized tags could take a long time and remove the 'needs printing' check from other serials in the system.


  • Fixed: (case 14389) an issue where advanced combo boxes were not reporting value changes correctly.
  • Fixed: (case 14319) an issue where double-left clicking in an edit did not select the entire word that was clicked on.
  • Fixed: (case 14353) if a pop-up happened (or something caused the mouse to move) when the user was left clicking somewhere in the list, it was possible that when the modal dialog box was closed, the current mouse position would be used for click handling or drag & drop handling, causing items to get rearranged strangely.
  • Fixed: an issue that could cause an advanced combo to ignore the first selection change the user made by clicking.
  • Fixed: (case 14966) an issue where combos might send a 'changed' message when they had not actually changed, which could lead to an infinite loop on some screens.
  • Fixed: (case 14966) an issue where combos might not register a change message when they were changed by the user clicking on an item in the dropdown.
  • Fixed: an issue where the user could ctrl + page down to go past the last page in a paging combo
  • Added: (case 14918) the page up/ page down keys now scroll a whole page in all combo boxes.
  • Fixed: a long-standing issue where date-time fields in a list control would not draw the up/down arrows correctly until the user put their mouse over them.
  • Added: support for turning 'drag & drop' support off in a list control. This is useful for pages and dialogs where drag & drop is handled for a different reason. This disables the ability to move and copy items in said lists.
  • Fixed: an issue where killing focus from a combo while it was reporting a value change could cause it to throw a second value change, which was confusing the vehicles screen (2 bids being created when status dropdown changed to B because the bids tab would be activated).
  • Added: when an ITEdit is invalid or readonly, the background is now explicitly painted as the 3dface color (same as buttons and dialog backgrounds). This should make no difference in pre-Vista installations, but after that, property pages have a white background instead of a grey background, and invalid edits were inheriting that background color. This made readonly edits not very obvious.


  • Added: when a query error popup happens, the retry button will not be available if the error being reported is that the transaction was interrupted. This is because, in this case, the entire transaction must be re-run to ensure validity.


  • Added: (case 14738) On the additional info tab, you can now enter more into the sellerinfo and pick-up location fields.
  • Added: (case 14365) Bid Accepted Dialog check boxes now save to user settings and load from user settings.
  • Added: (case 14361) the duplicate VIN # dialog now shows the store that the vehicle is at. (The store the active whole unit is at)
  • Changed: (case 14362) a vehicle in bid mode no longer hides the whole units tab by default. This has been moved to a store setting in case anyone would prefer hiding this page until after a vehicle has been received.
  • Added: (case 14364) the manufacturer and model dropdowns in the bidding/teardown lists is now sorted alphabetically.
  • Changed: (case 14678) the teardown date has been renamed to Dismantled Date, and it is now set when the user checks the dismantled checkbox instead of when they add a teardown to the vehicle.
  • Fixed: an issue where changing status From/To status B might cause popups to be shown twice or for 2 bids to be created.
  • Added: (case 15095) if the user switches a vehicle from status B to status A, they will be asked if they'd like to send the vehicle to a PO, just like a newly available vehicle.
  • Added: (case 15313) teardowns now display the date that they were originally created.
  • Changed: (case 15313) the 'teardown date' field has been renamed to 'dismantled date', as that is what it has been used for and to differentiate it from the newly added date on the teardown page.
  • Removed: there is no longer a dismantled checkbox since the dismantled date can be unchecked. The 'is dismantled' value now defaults from whether the dismantled date is checked.
  • Fixed: (case 15302) adding items with an inventorytypeid of 0 will no longer cause appraisals to crash.
  • Fixed: (case 15937) an issue where the sales appraisals and the HTP appraisals might cause a database error if they both attempted to connect to the database at the same time. This may have resulted in crashes if the timing was just right.

Warehouse Management

  • Changed: (Case 14165) Screen reflects recent changes to scan sessions.
  • Fixed: (case 15081) an issue where typing in the location dropdown was causing users a lot of difficulty because the user's focus was automatically moved to the print button as they typed.
  • Performance: Results are only loaded when the user finishes selecting an item, instead of as they type. Also, loading lots of items in the manual count page should now be faster.

Work Orders

  • Changed: The Work Order screen has been redesigned. The goal of this new format was to allow more room for technicians to take detailed notes. As well as the layout, we've added a new 'status' feature for jobs and fixed many bugs.
  • Added: (case 828) Work Orders can now be saved without clearing the screen. This option exists in the Save button dropdown.
  • Fixed: A few buttons were missing tooltip text.
  • Added: Property Sheet with Property Pages for "Complaint, Cause, and Correction", "Notes", "Parts", and "Tasks and Labor".
  • Changed: Most of the buttons at the bottom of the screen such as "Add Item", "Edit Item", "Delete Item", "Requests", "Add Task", and "Add Labor" have been moved to their corresponding property page to clean up the bottom of the screen and add context to their function.
  • Added: Many new columns of information to the Jobs list.
  • Added: (case 2509) Footer to the bottom of the Job list to sum up the corresponding column.
  • Removed: Many of the totals from the bottom of the screen. The past totals edits had multiple totals in a single edit and often didn't fit the whole number.
  • Added: A new "Subtotal" read-only edit at the bottom. Adding this number to "Estimated Tax" will get you the "Total". So, only these 3 "total" fields are now shown at the bottom.
  • Changed: Reduced the size of the bottom area, which was done by removing many buttons and totals and better organizing the "On Save" checkboxes in a groupbox.
  • Fixed: the edit item dialog was using the wrong setting value for the days to return cores.
  • Added: Drag static between the job list and the property sheet.
  • Removed: the group box around the "on save" checkboxes in the bottom right so I could make the bottom section shorter and use those few pixels for the job list and property sheet.
  • Fixed: Controls on the pages now respect various state, such as permissions, job is selected, template is enabled, etc.
  • Added: Tabs now have an asterisks next to their title if they have information on them. This way the user can see, without having to switch tabs, if they have info.
  • Added: (case 14374) Status for jobs. These are "Not Ready", "Ready", "In Progress" & "Done". They are colored on screen as dark red, dark yellow, dark green & dark blue respectively.
    • This can be changed from the job list or in the job dialog. We wanted to use a slider control but it doesn't work on XP so I'm using radios with ITColorStatics and it looks pretty good(yes, clicking the static works).
  • Changed: The layout of the controls on job dialog. Also made the various multi-line able to get a new line by pressing enter.
  • Changed: Tab order on the main screen now goes to the property sheet when you would expect.
  • Fixed: A bug where the options in the job dialog's priority dropdown didn't match what was in the database or database object, and thus, if the user chose "Critical" or "None" from the dropdown, they wouldn't save to the document.
  • Fixed: A bug where job priority wouldn't ever save if the user changed *only* priority on a job and nothing else.
  • Added: Priority to the job list.
  • Fixed: A bug where "Low" priority would never show as selected in the dialog because "Lowest" came first in the combo and contains "Low".
  • Changed: (case 14864) The "Cost Factor" and "%" columns in the master part list are hidden when there is only 1 part. Serial column is hidden when no part in the list has a serial number.
  • Added: Some new task and labor icons.
  • Added: (case 2298) "Completed" checkbox
    • When the "Completed" checkbox is checked, the "Completed By" field is available for the user to optionally select the user that completed the task.
  • Changed: The UI of the Task dialog
  • Added: All task fields can be edited directly in the list
  • Fixed: (case 2298) A bug where the "assigned to" worker group wouldn't ever save.