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This extension allows the user to manage the information that is used to interchange information in the system. The different ways to interchange inventory records is described in the Alternate Parts page.

Application Interchange Page

This page allows the user to search and view application interchange records.

Cross References Page

On this page, the user can create, view, and manage cross references. These cross references represent a set of 'part numbers' that are considered equivalent when users perform searches. As each new value is added to a cross reference, it is considered equivalent to all previous entries in the set.

For example, if the user added 3 lines: A, B, and C, a search for any of these values would turn up results for the other 2. Previously every item in the cross reference system had to exist in the vendor catalog, but this requirement has been removed. Now, a valid cross reference item is a vendor code and some part number which may or may not be in the vendor catalog system.

Starting a new Cross Reference Set

To start a new set, simply hit the New/Clear button to clear the screen and enter the first item on the first line using the lookup in the part number column. Then, add any number of other items that should cross reference with that item.

Loading an Existing Cross Reference Set

To find a previously saved cross reference, simply type the part number of any part # in that set. That set will then be loaded onto the screen. From here, you can select and delete items from the set, or add new items.