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The mobile version of ITrack, for running warehouses with scanners!


  1. Scan a sales order
  2. Scan a part
  3. Scan a destination location (if you want to)

The part gets marked as picked in the delivery system, and gets moved to the destination location. If you don't specify a destination location, it uses the default, which is set in the store settings.

If you don't want to scan a destination location, you can just scan a new document to begin picking another part, or close the screen.

Inventory move

  1. Scan a location
  2. Scan any number of parts at the location
  3. Scan a destination location

All the parts you scanned get moved!

Inventory Detail

Scan any part to see information about it!

Inventory Count

  1. Scan a location
  2. Scan all the parts at that location
  3. Scan a new location to count at, or close the screen

All of the parts that you found at that location are moved there, if necessary. All parts that should have been found there, but weren't, get moved to the Variance location!