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This guide will help you setup ITrack for a new user. It is meant for both Pro and Enterprise.

Client Side

  • If this is a new customer, you should do the server side setup first.

Installing ITrack

  1. Download the ITrack installer for the specific product
  2. Run the Installer
  3. The setup program will install the following:
    • ITrack
    • Crystal 11
    • PDF Creator
    • 3 of 9 Barcode font
    • MySQL ODBC connection
    • Instant VNC
    • ITrack Registration
    • Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package and SP1
  4. When the ITrack Registration program runs, it will generate a random product code for that computer. This code is not guaranteed to be unique on our autoupdate server! You should make sure it is unique by adding it to our autoudate system as soon as possible. If it is not unique, you should clear the product code out of the registry(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ISoft Data Systems\ITrack <Enterprise or Pro> on x86 and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ISoft Data Systems\ITrack <Enterprise or Pro> on 64bit Windows) and run ITrack Registration to generate a new one.
  5. To finish registering ITrack, enter a release code into the ITrack Registration program. You can generate a release code using the Code Generator <svnroot>\ITrack\trunk\General\CodeGenerator
  6. Put the computer in the Update System
    1. Add a new customer
  7. Turn on updates for this computer
    1. Go to Manage Customers
    2. Select the computer that you are working on (the company, then the same name as your VNC Connection)
    3. Select all of the appropriate extensions. For example, if you are installing ITrack for a customer who doesn't need the QuickBooks extension... don't select the QuickBooks extension. This section is being rapidly changed/updated, but using common sense will help you get the job done.
    4. Possible ITrack Pro Extensions that may not need to be selected: Enable HTP Export, HT Extension List, Quickbooks Extension List, Quickbooks Toolkit
  8. Launch ITrack
  9. Confirm that it downloads the latest updates
  10. Restart ITrack
  11. Pat yourself on the back

Note: If you want to run ITrack with a different configuration file, create a shortcut and change "Target" in its properties to have a -i <config file name>.ini at the end (where <config file name> is the name of the new ini file). Example: "C:\Program Files\ISoft Data Systems\ITrack Pro\itrack.exe" -i host2.ini


  1. Open up the directory where ITrack is installed
  2. If ITrack won't be run as an admin, you will need to give full permissions to everyone for the ITrack directory for updating purposes

Note: If its on a XP Home machine, run this command to set the correct permissions for the installation directory so updating works:

cacls "C:\Program Files\ISoft Data Systems\ITrack Pro" /T /P Everyone:F

Server Side

MySQL Installation

Server side setups only need to be completed for new customers

Go to MySQL Server Install for complete details on what to do.

Database Setup

  1. Download and Install SQLyog
  2. Run the SQL scripts in SVN (SVN/Trunk/ITrackPro/Databases) in the correct order to create/populate/update the database
  3. Create a directory somewhere on the server and share it so that the "Everyone" group has full read/write privileges
    1. Create Reports, Images and Attachments sub directories
    2. Copy the latest reports from SVN to the reports directory

And Don't forget

  1. Setup the Image Uploader
  2. Setup Replikwando