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ITrack Pro has seen several changes over the last several years; this is a list of what we've been working on during that time.


  • Added: Improved payment method handling when using credit card processing on the sales screen.


  • Fixed: Case 29053: Updating invoice balances and paid amounts accounting for voided payments now uses a stored procedure.
  • Added: Case 28568: Customer Response tab added, for viewing customer responses and entering customer response information.
  • Fixed: Case 27136: The customer screen payments menu now supports ICVerify and the new credit card dialog.
  • Fixed: (Case: 32751) : Resizing of the customer unit, quotes and sales tabs now work correctly.
  • Fixed: Case 32230 tax expiration date will now save and load correctly when the user is in a non-US date locale format.


  • Fixed: Most touchpoint information shown is now from the most recent touchpoint on the home and customer screen.
  • Added: Multi customer correspondence creation from the customer list screen
  • Fixed: Touchpoint type filtering removed
  • Fixed: no longer comparing a ITDateTimeSetting to 0, as it was an ambiguous conversion.
  • Fixed: the store id for tickets didn't match the setting of the store the user was logged into.


  • Fixed: Case 23192 A printing bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Case 23192 A bug with customerlists has been fixed.


  • Fixed: Case 28583: Removed erroneous foreign key constraints.
  • Fixed: Case 29559: Payments are now selected and shown by default.
  • Added: Case 29559: Customer contacts can now be saved in ITrack.
  • Added: Case 28568: Tickets can now be assigned
  • Fixed: Case 28568: Customer names are now displayed instead of IDs on the home screen.
  • Fixed: Case 28568: A crash that happened when opening the customer screen from the home screen.
  • Fixed: Case 28568: Cleaned out unused code.


  • Fixed: the chart template now supports aggregate column charts.
  • Fixed: chart data with invalid X axis values is now ignored.
  • Fixed: two update queries that were generating errors have been corrected.
  • Fixed: Increased length of useroption `option` column from 50 to 80 for existing databases.
  • Fixed: : The missing table lostsale has been restored.
  • Added: support for report parameters that are put directly into queries and should not be escaped.
  • Added: Case 25384 emailed scheduled reports can now have an overridden email body, 'from' address (for email replies going back to specific address), and attachment name (for naming the report pdf attachment).
  • Added: Case 25389 the right-click graphing template has been updated to facilitate line types.
  • Added: Case 285583 Schema creation queries added for Customer Response Management subsystem.
  • Fixed: Case 29488 the Merge permission for customers was missing in the ITrack Pro database creation scripts.
  • Fixed: Case 29488 created a better version of the query that inserts the Customer Merge permission.
  • Fixed: Case 33154: Database errors no longer occur when creating a database for a new client.
  • Removed: some views that Pro Web no longer needs.
  • Changed: wa_quote view to include document type
  • Added: invoice adjustments can now be applied to things more specifically.
  • Added: Corrected an issue with user permissions.
  • Fixed: Improved the speed of gathering aging data. Case 33630
  • Added: Behavior for whether credit card dialogs should appear by default for payments.
  • Fixed: Quote expirations are now correctly handled.
  • Fixed: Salesman renamed to salesperson. Case 34430
  • Added: Support for longer report parameters for automated reporting.
  • Fixed: I think this might be the issue the customer was having in Case 23900 where they couldn't print a PO receiving list. The screen wouldn't let you if you didn't have the PO add and edit permission, which is dumb since that dialog doesn't actually change anything.
  • Changed: The yes/no buttons have been renamed to "Close PO" and "Leave PO Open", respectively. Case 23706
  • Changed: Case 24186 The Sales screen will no longer warn about a missing authorization number for your payment method if the payment amount is zero.


  • Added: defaults for status and store for inventory add and inventory update.


  • Fixed: Case 21613 We now support cancellations for auction listings.
  • Fixed: Case 16517 Sales and Quotes now prompt to cancel ebay auctions, remove line items or ignore the problem when selling or quoting an item would deplete stock for a live auction.
  • Fixed: Case 15775 The eBay open screen permission now works correctly. This should've fixed a similar issue with Data Management and Itrack Online.
  • Fixed: Case 18603 eBay now creates well formed customers with the standard defaults.
  • Fixed: Case 18035 Added a setting, configurable from the config screen, for whether the BuyItNow price is retail + core or just retail.
  • Fixed: Case 22231 Global Shipping setting now pulls into the edit details screen and the listing.
  • Fixed: Case 29721: Maximum title length has been significantly extended.
  • Fixed: Case 15883 PayPal Immediate Pay UI/Dialog behavior has been added. Sending through the eBay API still needs doing.
  • Fixed: Case 22323 The Manufacturer Part Number / Brand missing error should no longer occur.
  • Fixed: Case 22323 Ebay now displays friendlier shipping names
  • Fixed: Case 26002 The invoice screen is now cleared when a new invoice is sent from ebay.
  • Added: Case 27829 VIN now populates and is submitted with eBay listings.
  • Added: Case 15869: Added a user permission for cancelling ebay auctions.


  • Added: the right click graphing dialog now has the following new features:
  • * Advanced mode: the user can go into 'advanced mode' when building a chart. This shows various extra options that may not always be required when generating a basic graph. The user's selected mode will be remembered.
  • * Trendlines: the user can choose to display trendlines for each data series on the graph. If the user is in advanced mode, they can choose the type of trendline as well as whether the trendline's formula and fitness should be displayed in the legend.
  • * Point shape: (Advanced mode only) the user can choose the shape of the points in a line/scatter chart for better black&white printout or colorblind accessibility.
  • * Cumulative series: (Advanced mode only) the user can choose to make a data series cumulative, making it so that all values will include all previous values in the same series.
  • Changed: current graph template has been modified to no longer show scrollbars in embedded IE windows (required a slightly bigger buffer around all sides). The way the graph resizes has been optimized slightly to better use available screenspace.
  • Changed: current graph template has been modified to properly handle cumulative data series, trendlines, point shape selections, etc.
  • Added: an error message to chart generation that will stop the user if they choose a discrete (non-numeric, non-date) x axis for a line or scatter graph. While these graphs technically work, they are not very useful.
  • Added: Case 20434 support for saving chart templates as well as using saved chart templates.
  • Fixed: an issue where the right click graph template would show unnecessary 0.00 points in line charts if the series was cumulative.
  • Fixed: line charts with missing points are now smoother and interpolate between those points.
  • Fixed: a crash when adding new saved chart templates.
  • Added: Case 22765 any list with saved graph templates can now be run easily by right-clicking on any list with saved graph templates.
  • Added: better support for date/times in right-click graphing for x-axis values.
  • Fixed: an issue where sending data with line breaks to right-click graphs could cause errors.
  • Updated: the current graph template.js has been updated with Zach's current template.
  • Added: hard-coded 'Solid' for the line type of all series' created through right-click graphing.


  • Fixed: Case 27100 The homescreen now fully supports lost sales.
  • Fixed: Case 27100 The open and closed radio buttons now function as expected.
  • Fixed: Case 27100 Opening a document on the quote screen from the home screen correctly loads the document type.
  • Fixed: Case 27100 Remove Line Lead Status as the parent document already has an open status.
  • Fixed: Case 27100 The dropdown menus for Lost Sales as well as the document selector on the Quote screen no longer allow custom values.
  • Added: Case 27100 Added the Lost Sale Dialog to SVN.
  • Added: Case 28568: Customer Response tab added, for viewing customer responses.
  • Fixed: Fixed a memory leak found while using the customer screen.
  • Fixed: Crash related to customercontact and home fixed.


  • Fixed: (Case: 32751) : Resizing of the import tab now works correctly.



  • Changed: the error reporting system now formats Windows COM errors in a more easy to understand format. These errors could be reported by partner applications, such as QuickBooks, VINPower, and Crystal Reports.


  • Added: The ProWeb Parts screen now has a setting accessible from options.
  • Fixed: Case 30517: Tax items can no longer be given a name exceeding the maximum accepted length in the database.
  • Fixed: Case 24357: Midstream conversion of the tax item dialog to use DAOs.
  • Fixed: Case 24357: Tax rates now support up to four decimal places.


  • Fixed: Case 21061 Minor text fixes.
  • Fixed: Case 26440 Setting manufacturer/Model/category pricing if a setting is turned on. This is a midstream commit, but all functional code has been commented out.
  • Fixed: Case 27769 Manufacturer and Model now loads for subparts in the breakdown tab of the parts screen that have a comment set.
  • Fixed: Refactored a small portion of the PartInfoPage and PartsView.
  • Fixed: Case 27769 Manufacturer and Model now loads for subparts in the breakdown tab of the parts screen that have a comment set.
  • Fixed: Refactored a small portion of the PartInfoPage and PartsView.
  • Fixed: Case 28541 Documents no longer affect the last modified date on part records.
  • Fixed: Case 28541 Part Info terms have been changed to more accurately reflect their intention.
  • Added: Case 28695 A retain vehicle info checkbox has been added to the vehicle section of the part info tab of the parts screen. When checked, the previous default of retaining vehicle info on save and new will occur. When unchecked, vehicle info will not be retained on save and new. This setting is saved on a per use basis.
  • Added: Case 28695 Moved accessing page member variables out of the view.
  • Added: Case 28671 Records on the quote screen will no longer become confused as to what document type under a very specific set of conditions.
  • Fixed: Case 30940: The parts screen now supports ProWeb.
  • Fixed: (Case: 33140) : Resizing of the Part Info and Sales tabs now work correctly.


  • Fixed: (Case: 32751) : Resizing of the categories, make model, part model and teardown tabs now work correctly.
  • Fixed: Case 32090: Part Type names are now unique. Any existing duplicate part type names will have the part type number appended to the part type name for the higher number part.
  • Fixed: an issue where an uninitialized value was being referenced accidentally.


  • Fixed: Returned a missing edit button.
  • Fixed: Added a toggle for the ProWeb version of the Parts screen.
  • Added: a "Configure Shipping Integrations" page for configuring SAV and DLS shipping integrations.


  • Added: Case 25115 Added a Tag Per Quantity checkbox for all purchase orderlines so that the number of tags to be printed is more apparent. Additionally, checking this checkbox will change that setting for all instances of this inventory item in purchase orders.
  • Fixed: Case 25115 Changed text from Tag Per Quantity to Tag/Quantity.


  • Fixed: Case 20246 The invoice tab now uses a tree control, payments and cogs are sorted as children of invoices were possible. Additional usability changes will be made later.
  • Fixed: Case 21351 Things autoexpand, and the flag column has been removed.
  • Added: Case 23404 There is now a default to none setting present on the config tab of the quickbooks screen. If enabled, every other quickbooks tab will act as if you'd pressed "select none" when it loads.
  • Fixed: Case 23404 Flipped the verbage and effect of the preference. It now reads "Checky by default" and is enabled by default for the old behavior. unchecking the box will have the new effect of not checking any boxes.
  • Fixed: Case 23404 Corrected an ID change error.
  • Fixed: Case 23891 Exported customers now appear correctly when the exported radio button is clicked in the customer tab of the quickbooks page.
  • Fixed: Case 27138 Error states no longer cause infinite loops when syncing.
  • Fixed: Case 27138 Reverted erroneous include.
  • Fixed: Case 27260 Invoice exporting now exports all the selected items.
  • Fixed: Case 29171: Ignoring items from double clicking no longer syncs them with quickbooks before ignoring them in itrackpro.
  • Fixed: Case 26303: Models should now load if the vehicle screen has been opened.
  • Fixed: Case 30520: Unchecking a payment on an invoice no longer causes an endless lockup.
  • Fixed: Case 22352 Fixed an issue with the other tab and the part types tab not loading anything in the quickbooks screen.
  • Added: Case 23814 Itrack invoice comments are no longer appended to quickbook invoice comments.
  • Fixed: Case 20137 Resale Number is now sent with the customer record when adding or modifying accounts to QuickBooks from ITrack.


  • Fixed: Case 34723: The quotes screen will no longer open if the user does not have permission to view the quotes screen.
  • Changed: f_count_file_references function to include customer_file in its count.
  • Added: interchange_file table
  • Added: reorder report query for pro web
  • Added: interchange_file to the function that counts file references.
  • Updated: f_get_attachment_id function to include customerfile and vendorfile
  • Added: f_inventory_attachment_count function with parameters for type and public flag.
  • Changed: useroption column definitions to better match Enterprise and thus avoid errors for settings designed for product-agnostic code. Case 34608
  • Fixed: Case 25744 Sales Lead document type added to the quotes screen.
  • Fixed: Reverted an errant midstream commit keeping pro from compiling.
  • Fixed: Case 25744 Sales Lead document on the quote screen now load correctly.
  • Fixed: Case 25744 Document type values now clear and load correctly.
  • Fixed: Case 27100 Added the table creation query for Lost Sales.
  • Added: Case 33944 support for DLS shipping quotes on the quotes screen to work just like the sales screen.
  • Fixed: an issue where the shipping quote button's clickability was not correct when the user opened a fresh quote.


  • Fixed: Case 27284 Reports going through the report queue allow 10,000 characters, up from 250.
  • Fixed: Case 29417 Inactive customers were causing the Aging report to show different numbers than Sales reports.
  • Fixed: a bug where, when viewing a past invoice that has a now-inactive customer on it, the screen would not load the customer information. Case 30172
  • Changed: Make & Model column no longer displays the tracking number at the end. This being at the end could confuse the user into thinking that number is part of the model name or something. These days we have a dedicated tracking # column anyway. Case 24796
  • Added: Gasket Kit part type. Case 29387
  • Changed: Case 30683 Reverted the custom ARA Invoice back to an earlier version that Fred at ARA preferred, then changed its name so that it would not be overwritten by the Auto Updater.
  • Fixed: PickList.rpt now shows the 2nd address for the customer.
  • Fixed: PickListBarcodes.rpt now shows the 2nd address line for a customer.
  • Fixed: Case 34458 Changed Bray's custom invoice to reflect that they've been in business for 25 years now, instead of 20.


  • Added: Case 26378 BCC field to the mass-mailing system.


  • Added: Case 27615 Split out icverify from the main payment window in sales.
  • Fixed: Case 28307 Changing values for negative quantity line items with a positive core price and a regular price of 0 no longer crash itrack.
  • Added: A permission for editing comments on existing invoices.
  • Fixed: The permission hierarchy has changed to more clearly indicate which permissions affect existing invoices only and which affect both existing and new invoices.
  • Fixed: Case 30192: Fixed a crash when answering no to creating a duplicate part on a sales order.
  • Fixed: Case 30192: Fixed an issue with user editable sales order permissions
  • Fixed: Case 30492: Users with permissions to add new invoices once again can change anything on a new invoice.
  • Added: TaxItem objects added to pro.
  • Fixed: (Case: 33856) : Costing can no longer be updated with an empty vendor field and then updated.
  • Fixed: Case 34046: When loading a quote as an invoice, split payment mode is correctly cleared.
  • Fixed: Cleaned up a function with an unused argument.
  • Changed: the "shipping quote" button has been changed to a dropdown button to support DLS as well as SAV.
  • Added: there is now a DLS shipping quote option in the dropdown for sending the current sale to DLS to get a shipping quote or to schedule a shipment.
  • Changed: ORDER BY to be company, name instead of customernum, customeroption.optionnum Case 30688


  • Fixed: (Case: 32751) : Resizing of the Inventory estimate tab now works correctly.


  • Fixed: Case 23132 The location column on the search screen no longer shows incomplete duplicated quantity data correctly shown in the status column
  • Fixed: Case 16229 I've split out and added the columns. The Committed quantity column isn't correct.
  • Fixed: Case 24665 Quantity Committed is now Quantity allowed on the search screen.
  • Added: Case 16226 Internal Notes is now available as a flex field.
  • Fixed: Case 27251 Corrected bug where quantities were loading for the next column down.
  • Fixed: Case 27277 Colors on the search screen once again show what they're supposed to.
  • Fixed: Case 27277 Quantity Allowed now loads correctly.
  • Fixed: Case 27277 Corrected the header from Quantity Allowed to Quantity Available.
  • Added: Case 27373 Credit Card Processing added to the sales screen.
  • Fixed: Case 27340 The Customer List no longer scrolls to the side.
  • Fixed: Removed unused functions and pulled repeated code into functions.
  • Fixed: Case 27739 Fixed colorizing once again.
  • Added: Case 27615 Midstream commit of creditcard processing in pro. It's basically working, but cleanup remains.
  • Added: Case 27800 CustomerList with balance checked showing all customers no longer crashes when invoices with a null customernum exist.
  • Added: Case 27789 InternalNotes now populates in the flex field dropdowns of the vehicle search screen.


  • Added: Case 20434 support for saving/loading stored chart configurations.
  • Fixed: Case 28048 Layout improved for ProWeb options settings.
  • Fixed: modified column orders and column widths should no longer be lost if the number of columns in the list has changed since the last time the column order was saved.
  • Changed: saved chart templates are now only loaded once, making graph dialogs and right clicking in list controls faster.


  • Fixed: Case 25468 Date ranges now load correctly from the dropdown.
  • Fixed: Case 25468 Reverted non-functional user preference changes.
  • Fixed: (Case: 32751) : Resizing of the transaction list view now work correctly.
  • Fixed: Case 26813 Added an index to the lineitem table to speed up the transaction screen.


  • Added: Case 22639: PurchasedPartsByVendor.rpt parameters updated
  • Added: Case 21673 a line to hide the old version of the Billing report (Billing5.rpt) now that they've had some time with both Billing reports.
  • Added: Case 22840 adderscript for InventoryInStockByLocation.rpt
  • Added: Case 22840 a line to remove an old parameter from InventoryInStockByLocation.rpt, store.
  • Added: setting to have the "print tag" checkbox get automatically checked when the user receives an item on a PO. Case 23096
  • Added: Case 14114: adderscripts for three new avery 5160 reports: CustomerAddressLabel5160.rpt, Label5160.rpt, and LabelLocation5160.rpt
  • Added: Case 25961 adderscript for the new Avery label reports, ReturnLabel5160.rpt, CustomerAddressLabel5160.rpt, Label5160.rpt, LabelLocation5160.rpt
  • Added: Case 26135 adderscript for SalesWithCost.rpt
  • Changed: There is now a single report type for teardowns, instead of 3. The new report type is just 'Teardown'. Case 27110 Case 27110
  • Added: Case 27151 adderscript for the new Teardown report with report.type = Teardown. Also hides reports with the older report type. This should go out at the same time as the update to the Vehicles Teardown tab that changes what report type it looks for.
  • Added: stored procedure for accepting a bid. Takes a vehicle bid id and the 2nd parameter is if the other bids associated with the vehicle should also be closed(bool). Case 27202
  • accept bid procedure now sets the vehicle status to A
  • set taxitem.BreakPoint to NULL where it's 0
  • Fixed: a query error that would occur for taxitems with no BreakPoint value when closing the options dialog. Case 27275
  • Fixed: An issue where items would be colored incorrectly. Case 27325 Case 27325
  • Added: Case 25933 a script to remove (hide) InterchangeUpdate.rpt. It is being deprecated.
  • Added: Case 26015 Adderscript for new report, BreakdownPerformanceByPartType.rpt
  • Added: Case 27398 adderscript for InterchangeReport.rpt
  • Added: Case 26538 an adderscript for the new report, BillOfLadingLineItems.rpt
  • Added: new table for caching vin audit ids so they can be reused for future reports
  • Added: new view for settings(useroption)
  • Added: Case 27902 adderscript for SalesByState.rpt
  • Added: Case 27623 adder for Billing.rpt
  • Added: Case 28266 adderscript for the new report, PurchaseOrderLineStatus.rpt
  • Fixed: Case 28266 changed report.orientation to Landscape in the adderscript for PurchaseOrderLineStatus.rpt
  • Fixed: removed an alter view for wa_category_pricing that would occur before it even existed.
  • * It's been replaced by a create view statement.
  • Fixed: a bug where a query error would occur when adding/changing a tax item in edit > options. Case 29111
  • Added: Case 21021: a line that would remove the old setting, 'Tag: always hide qr code', because it is being replaced by 'Tag: enable qr code'. Both of these are set to 'False' by default in the report itself.


  • Fixed: Case 21061 Teardowns will now assume the "Show Online" status set by part type from the part configuration screen when entering new parts.
  • Fixed: Case 19196 Added OEM, Serial and More fields to teardowns.
  • Fixed: Case 2062 disabled part types no longer show on on the teardown tab.
  • Fixed: Case 19196 Renamed More column names for consistency.
  • Fixed: Case 2307 Attachments are now fully functional on the teardown tab.
  • Fixed: Case 2307 Bugfixes for attachments on the teardown tab of the vehicle screen.
  • Fixed: Case 25659 The attachments button is now disabled when selecting bidparts.
  • Fixed: Case 26075 Make, Model and Year values are no longer updated for parts on a teardown for a vehicle.
  • Fixed: Case 26075 Commented out the queries that were causing duplicate entry errors.
  • Fixed: Case 27115 Vehicle Questions and answers now load correctly.
  • Fixed: Case 27115 Vehicle Questions and answers no longer erroneously overwrite the teardown name.
  • Fixed: Case 27257 Vehicle teardown change detection is no longer overactive.
  • Added: Case 28049 Support for ProWeb's vehicle screen added.
  • Added: Case 28049 Refactored global functions.
  • Added: Case 28048 Settings now contains a ProWeb tab for toggling individual screens per user.
  • Added: Case 28048 Added necessary files for the new options tab.
  • Added: Case 28048 Moved a file to the correct header subfolder in visual studio.
  • Added: Case 28695 Purchase order support for embedded ProWeb added.
  • Fixed: Case 11294: Next Vehicle now loops to the first vehicle if there is no next vehicle. Previous Vehicle now loops to the last vehicle if there is no previous vehicle.
  • Fixed: Case 31955: The part status change dialog when saving a vehicle which has its status changed now only prompts to change status on parts sharing location with the vehicle, as intended.
  • Fixed: Added missing column to the data management schema.
  • Fixed: Case 31676: Inactive vendors no longer show in the costs tab of vehicles.
  • Fixed: (Case: 32792) : Removed trailing zeroes from mileage.
  • Fixed: (Case: 32792) : Removed trailing zeroes from mileage.
  • Fixed: (Case: 32751) : Resizing of the basic, finance and performance tabs now work correctly.
  • Fixed: (Case: 33140) : Resizing of the Part Info and Sales tabs now work correctly.
  • Fixed: (Case: 33149) : Costing can no longer be updated with an empty vendor field and then updated.
  • Added: Case 29447 VINPower errors are now reported with more specific and easy to understand error messages. This includes the error for invalid developer code and invalid path. Also, these errors now use the shared error reporting dialog so that they can be reported to ISoft support.


  • Fixed: Case 553 Purchase Orders can now be Voided
  • Fixed: Case 14854 Purchase Order footers on the Vendor screen now correctly show totals for Subtotal, Tax, Shipping and Total for non zero values.
  • Fixed: (Case: 32751) : Resizing of the additional info and purchase orders tabs now work correctly.


  • Added: Case 28774 Per page settings are now disabled instead of hidden. if the general preference is disabled for using the web app, then the individual screens become unchecked.
  • Fixed: Case 28774 Warnings on the vehicle screen are now supressed while using the web app.
  • Added: Case 28774 Per page settings are now disabled instead of hidden. if the general preference is disabled for using the web app, then the individual screens become unchecked.
  • Fixed: Case 28774 Warnings on the vehicle screen and customer screen are now suppressed while using the web app.


  • Added: lineitems for transactionalizing cost. Case 16554
  • Added: taxrate column to the invoice table to transactionalize tax rate. Case 31111
  • Added: Vin notes are now stored from the vin decoder.
  • Added a control for the pro web parts check option.
  • Fixed an issue with a skipped database update.
  • Added a text file with instructions for releasing itrackpro from beta.
  • Changed: more field names so that automatic snake <-> camelCase would work correctly.
  • Added: web app views for category pricing and category set
  • Removed: reference to `itrackpro` database name.
  • Added: single-column primary key to category_pricing
  • Changed: nullability of various default price columns
  • These schema changes will go into update.sql once we have the needed changes made in the desktop.
  • Added: needed permission queries for data management screen. Case 9260
  • Added: vehicleunit column to the partuse table. case
  • Added: using the customer's yard type, we automatically set 9000 or 900 to be vehicleunit true. Case 16220
  • Added: inventory post update trigger that will keep the status of the vehicle synced with the status of any part type from the vehicle that is flagged as a whole unit. Case 16220
  • Added: Tax rate columns to quote and purchaseorder tables
  • Added: country to companyinfo
  • Removed: taxrate from quote and purchaseorder tables as that's not exactly how we're going to solve that case.
  • Added: companyinfo view that only returns store 1. it can still be updated, thus nothing should need to change in the desktop.
  • Added: Polaris make and models. Case 10653
  • Fixed: a bug where the 'Vehicle Model List' import type for Data Management wouldn't get created and instead a duplicate of 'Inventory Model List' would.
  • Added: store view.
  • Added: storeid is now an auto increment with no default of 1
  • Removed: `ssn` column from the `customer` table. (The UI was removed from ITrack Pro over 4 years ago)
  • Changed: some query handling on part q & a
  • Changed: 'VIN #' to 'VIN'
  • Fixed: a crash that could occur if the user selected an item, tried to load a po that didn't exist, and then clicked the delete button. Case 21306
  • Changed: when loading a po, it now checks for the existence of the po number before asking them of they want to save. If the PO doesn't exist, the state remains the same.
  • Changed: the "do you want to save" dialog when loading an existing po with an unsaved po on screen now uses the shared "do you want to save" dialog from common resources.
  • Fixed: a bug where empty lines would get created on the client and saved to the db. Case 21235
  • Added: db versioning info
  • Fixed: a bug that was a regression from Case 19698 where some of the bid-only controls should have been hidden and instead would appear on top of the list control. Case 19698
  • Added: tooltip text to applied credit checkbox.
  • Changed: Tax Items tab in Settings now uses ENUMs for the query results and the list control.
  • Fixed: a crash that could occur(at least in debug) if the user clicked on the list but not on an item.
  • Fixed: Case 22371 an issue where clicking to show/hide series on a stacked column graph without trendlines would not work correctly.
  • Fixed: an issue where showing an hiding a series with a point type other than Circle would cause the newly unhidden points to be circular.
  • Fixed: Case 22580 File >> Page Setup >> No printer was unchecked, and it needs to be checked or weird, hard-to-troubleshoot issues happen sometimes.