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  • Changed: user column to user_name for wa_user_account view.
  • Added: wa_user_account view.
  • Added: wa_user_access view.
  • Added: function f_get_company_product_code, which is a product agnostic API for getting a company product code.
  • Added: Adding in some stuff to ensure all customers are (or will be) on InnoDB tables
  • Changed: Changed the p_set_all_tables_to_engine proc to not allow two users to run it at the same time.
  • Added: quickbooks_sync_token column the customer table and wa_customer view.
  • Changed: some columns on the inventory table to have matching column def as the invmaster table. case 40275
  • Added: schema changes for qb online support.
  • Added: payment method Quickbooks Online support.
  • Changed: quickbooks_error entity enum to match the entity names expected to be send in the QB Online API.
  • Removed: the unused field inventory.saledate from the inventory view and the inventory table.
  • Added: support for specifying an email subject in reportqueue.
  • Added: (Case 40162) Added some queries that will insert new eBay shipping types.
  • Removed: p_invoice_recalculate_all, which seems to be an unused repetition of p_invoice_recalculate
  • Changed: p_invoice_recalculate is now faster. Now, we don't select all invoices' payment totals just to calculate a single invoice's balance.
  • Added: (case 40433) new stored procedure, p_invoice_assess_finance_charges, which takes a customer, interest rate, and list of comma separated invoice ids.
  • Added: cost column to Pro Web's wa_sale_line view.
  • Added: trigger to set lineitem.cost to inventory.cost on before insert. Case 16554
  • Added: query to drop the partattach table, which is the mapping table from before we had db attachments.
  • Removed unnecessary definer SQL SECURITY DEFINER statements in function and view creation.
  • Fixed: bug where the f_create_customer function was trying to reference customer.ssn which has been removed. Case 41092
  • Added: queries to delete deprecated settings. case 40283
  • Added: intoption_history table. case 25545. case 42239
  • Fixed: (case 42224) an issue where right click graphing would not render correctly (sometimes) due to a race condition introduced by google into their charts.
  • Added: (Case 41123) - Add Latitude and Longitude values to Pro's zipcode table

Appraisal Extension

  • Added: support for disabling errors when testing if an appraisal connection is valid.
  • Fixed: the query that performs the appraisal will now correctly report any errors it receives instead of throwing them away.
  • Added: the 'choose appraisal source' popup now automatically sets the user's focus into the list control and hitting enter will select that item. This makes selecting an item with the arrows and hitting enter without using the mouse much easier.

Crystal Reports

  • Changed: (case 40474) the 'choose which report to print' popup no longer has an orientation column, as it confused some users. Also, the 'default' checkbox column has been moved to the right so as to avoid confusion between this marking an item as a default print option and selecting the item to print this time. Also, changing whether a report is a default now immediately resorts the report list. This should make the function of favorite reports more obvious to the user.


  • Removed: 'future' dates from date range pickers.
  • Removed: (case 40283) the ability to embed pro web onto the customer screen.
  • Added: better tab order for sales and quotes tabs.
  • Changed: all numeric values in lists on the sales and quotes tabs are now properly formatted in the user's locale currency format. Also, column alignment and sorting has been improved on the sales and quotes tabs.
  • Changed: the interest popup now formats currency in the user's chosen currency format.
  • Fixed: (case 40433) an issue where assessing finance charges for an interest % that contained fractional rates (such as 1.5%) might not compute correctly.
  • Added: the sales and quotes tabs now resize to the user's resolution.
  • Fixed: an issue where invoices on the sales tab from the same day might not sort correctly.

Customer List

  • Fixed: (case 40433) the user could not assess finance charges for an amount that contained fractional percents (like 1.5%).
  • Changed: minor layout improvements and formatting in the interest charge dialog.

Customer Contact

  • Changed: all the date range dropdowns no longer show 'future' date range spans.
  • Fixed: (case 40538) the customer contact home page now correctly loads all stores into the dropdown.
  • Added: the store dropdown on the home page now defaults to the store the user is logged into.
  • Fixed: the from/to date range on the customer page now has 'none' check boxes so that the user can choose not to have a from or to end date. The date range dropdown is no longer free-type.
  • Fixed: the from/to date range on the home page now has 'none' check boxes so that the user can choose not to have a from or to end date. The date range dropdown is no longer free-type.
  • Added: (case 40437) 'In Person', 'Text', and 'Social Media' as contact options as per user request. New touchpoints now default to "Phone".
  • Fixed: changing date dropdown/date pickers should now correctly change the results in real time. This was broken before.
  • Changed: customer contact home page results now properly align their data.
  • Fixed: customer contact home page now displays created date correctly, and all date columns sort correctly now.
  • Fixed: column order and widths now save and restore correctly on all customer contact pages.
  • Fixed: clicking in cells in the customer contact home page will no longer show date picker controls since the rows are readonly.
  • Added: double-clicking a ticket or touchpoint on the customer screen's customer contact area will now allow the user to edit an existing touchpoint. Previously, this was not possible.
  • Fixed: editing an existing touch point will not move its 'date entered' forward.
  • Fixed: "Last Message" column on all customer contact areas now correctly displays the most recent touchpoint for the ticket.
  • Added: tooltips for all customer contact list control columns.
  • Fixed: proper list control alignment, sorting, and column widths for the customer screen page.
  • Fixed: the page now resizes correctly so that the buttons can be easily read on the customer screen page.
  • Fixed: previously, the home screen page would always color the items red. Now, items that are past due are a dark red, items due 'today' are dark blue, and all others are black.
  • Fixed: label in the 'edit correspondence' popup to no longer use the term 'ticket'.
  • Added: priority dropdown in 'edit correspondence'.
  • Removed: references to an used 'close ticket' entry type.
  • Changed: closed correspondences are now shown in a medium grey background.
  • Changed: due date column is now bright red or blue depending on due date (instead of the entire row).
  • Added: double-clicking a correspondence on the customer screen now always pops up the edit dialog, even if no touchpoint is selected.
  • Added: 'created by' and 'days ago' columns in the touchpoint list on the customer screen.
  • Changed: columns in the CRM area renamed for more clarity.
  • Changed: add new touchpoint button now has a 'new' icon instead of an edit icon.
  • Fixed: possible crash when editing a touchpoint.


  • Fixed: several memory leaks occurring through normal usage of ebay screen.
  • Fixed: several crashes that could occur when listing parts without first signing into eBay.
  • Fixed: (case 39231) If you chose 'no returns allowed' you would see an error when sending the listing.
  • Fixed: (Case 28577) an issue where some characters the user might copy + paste into a listing description could cause eBay to throw an error. They are now translated to the nearest matching character before upload.
  • Fixed: several issues where clicking refresh or ebay sign-in would cause error messages instead of just taking the user to the 'sign-in' page.
  • Added: if you've signed in successfully and then hit the 'reset ebay sign-in' there is now a popup that says it will clear the current info and asks the user if they are ok with that.
  • Added: The listing page now shows the actual ebay category text for the current listing instead of its (useless) id #.
  • Changed: The area where you see the formatted listing body (created from template) no longer removes all the line-breaks they put in the template. This makes it a lot easier to review the upload body. Also, that edit box no longer has horizontal scrolling.
  • Fixed: eBay Site (us vs canada) wasn't implemented right and threw an error
  • Fixed: a minor issue with paypay immediate pay
  • Fixed: If you updated the auctions page, a floating date-time value would appear. There is now a datepicker labeled Last update from eBay
  • Changed: Renamed Global Config to "Account Defaults", and "Advanced Config" to "Listing Templates"
  • loading the screen with no token, then getting one wouldn't work right if sandbox mode was enabled without first clicking production.
  • Loading the screen with a sandbox token wouldn't work unless you clicked into production, then back to sandbox.
  • Removed a bunch of unused image handling code from the edit listing dialog.
  • Fixed: (case 39600) an issue where choosing "Car and Truck" in the ebay configuration vs "motorcycle" will be remembered instead of always falling back on the global setting that controls whether a company is an Auto, Truck, or Motorcycle yard.
  • Fixed: some currency values are now properly sorted in the user's locale format.
  • Added: (case 39820) better sorting to the list columns in the auctions page, listings page, and transactions page.
  • Fixed: a memory leak that would occur each time an invoice was saved.


  • Removed: 'future' dates from date range pickers.
  • Fixed: memory leak on bids page.
  • Added: (case 39078) an issue where quote default sorting was confusing because the expire date was not shown on the screen even though that is the default sort of the quotes.
  • Changed: all currency fields are now right aligned and formatted using the users default currency format.
  • Changed: all dates and document ids are now right aligned.
  • Fixed: an issue where sales with an invalid 'invoice date' were supposed to show None in the date column but they were not.
  • Changed: The lost sale date range dropdown was a typeable dropdown instead of a drop list like all the others.
  • Removed: (case 40283) the ability to embed pro web onto the home screen.


  • Fixed: (case 40105) an issue where changing users would trim the users' account names to 20 characters.


  • Fixed: (case 39506) an issue where the application might load the same module more than once, which could lead to crashes in some corner cases.


  • Fixed: (case 39646) an issue where the edit->options general page wasn't loading settings correctly.
  • Removed: (case 40283) the "Pro Web" settings tab where the user configured whether certain pages of the software would be rendered using the web interface. Now, all screens are rendered locally instead and users can use their favorite browser to use pro web.


  • Removed: the unused field inventory.saledate is no longer referenced by the screen.
  • Fixed: (case 39801) an issue where the "The part was saved and given tag # xxx" now correctly shows up again.
  • Fixed: (case 38471) an issue where duplicate attachments were not showing the correct error message.
  • Removed: (case 40283) the ability to embed pro web onto the parts screen.
  • Added: (case 41030) when the user clicks the "New" button, the "retain vehicle info" checkbox is now respected, like it is with the Save and New button.


  • Fixed: (case 36862) an issue where a customer that was modified while an invoice was open to that customer might show (but not save) changes to the shipping address. Now that information will save.
  • Fixed: (case 40532) an issue where saving an updated invoice would not save a new shipping phone # or country.


  • Fixed: (case 39506) the screen no longer attempts to connect to the appraisal server when the screen is opened (truck yards only). Now, we save this for when the user hits the appraise items button.
  • Hidden: the parts search order by dialog has been hidden because it does not seem to be used in part searches.


  • Changed: loading product codes now reads from the store table instead of the companyinfo view.
  • Changed: (case 39659) when the software gets global or store settings, 'more specific' setting values (user/store for global settings or user for store settings) will no longer override setting values at the desired level. This means a company can no longer override global settings with store level preferences or user level preferences, but this was a rarely used feature, and it seemed to cause more confusion than it fixed.


  • Fixed: (case 39506) an issue where the error reporting dialog could cause a crash if the settings module had caused a crash before.
  • Removed: the unnecessary and confusing text "APPCRASH" that was added to some unknown mysql client errors.
  • Fixed: if there is an issue establishing a secure connection to the database (and secure connections [SSL] are enabled) the error "APPCRASH: the operation completed successfully" will no longer be shown instead of the intended "SSL is not configured correctly or secure connection refused."

QB Toolkit

  • Fixed: several memory leaks on this screen.
  • Fixed: (case 39935) an issue where the invoice/CoGS/payments export tab on the QuickBooks screen did not have export checkboxes on the items.


  • Fixed: (case 39882) an issue where the expiration date options page was locked down when it shouldn't be.


  • Fixed: opening this screen no longer globally disables appraisal errors (which affected the search screen as well).
  • Fixed: (case 38471) an issue where duplicate attachments were not showing the correct error message.
  • Removed: (case 40283) the ability to embed pro web onto the vehicles screen.


Customer Activity Summary (CustomerActivitySummary.rpt)

  • Fixed: (case 38621) changed a left join to a join, report was including all customers regardless of whether they had any activity in either interval
  • Changed: (case 38621) added to the header for clarification

Default Invoice (Invoice11in.rpt)

  • Fixed: (case 40668) fixed ship country to care about invoice.shipcountry, not customer.shipcountry

Open Purchase Orders (OpenPurchaseOrders.rpt)

  • Fixed: (case 39778) reference to deprecated field, status.

Tag (Tag.rpt)

  • Added: (case 40190) a new setting that shows a second barcode higher up on the report when enabled. It shortens description to make room.

Sales By Vendor (SalesByVendor.rpt)

  • Added: (case 38915) a new report to show sales by associated inventory vendor with filter options for no associated vendor only, and all excluding no associated vendor