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Quickbooks is an accounting software package that we are able to link with ITrack.

If you want details on how to set the screen up for the first time, see this page!


Blue text

  • If items show up with blue text that means something has been modified on that document (ie. Customer, Invoice, etc) and needs to be repushed
    • In the case of modified invoices, the quickbooks screen will remove the existing invoice from quickbooks and repush the modified one to replace it.
    • Every time an invoice is saved it will then show up blue to be re-pushed. If users want to just reprint an invoice its best to do it from the Customer screen > Sales tab since it doesn't require a save to print, like the sales screen.

Grey text

Grey text means that it can't be sent to Quickbooks because another item needs to be pushed to Quickbooks first (ie. Invoice can't be pushed because Customer hasn't been pushed)

Grey background

Payments show up with a grey background, and COGS adjustments show up with a dark grey background.

How stuff gets exported to Quickbooks

When you save something new in ITrack, it will immediately show up in the Quickbooks Toolkit screen to be exported for the first time. Such items show up in black text.

Every time you go to some screen, open up an existing thing, and hit the "save" button, that item is flagged to be repushed to ITrack. Such items show up in blue text in the QBToolkit.

Re-saving an existing item flags it to be pushed again no matter what you changed. It doesn't matter if the one item you changed matters to Quickbooks, the whole invoice/payment/whatever is going to get re-pushed.


For new (black text) invoices:

  • Invoices with a positive total are exported as invoices
  • Invoices with a negative total are exported as credit memos

When updating previously-exported (blue text) invoices:

  • Voided invoices are deleted from Quickbooks
  • Other invoices are deleted from Quickbooks, then pushed in as a new invoice