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Initial Setup

Linking eBay Account

  1. When you open the eBay screen for the first time, click the Update button.
  2. A dialog will appear telling you to link your eBay account with ITrack, Click OK.
  3. The ITrack Online screen will appear with the login screen for eBay. Enter your eBay username and password.
  4. Once you're logged in, click the I Agree button to link your eBay account with ITrack.
  5. Once you've authenticated with eBay, click the Update button on the eBay screen > Auctions tab.
    • This will cause any auctions that have happened in the last 30 days to appear in ITrack.
  6. Doubling clicking an auction will open the eBay listing for that auction.

Getting Turbo Lister or Blackthorne

The eBay screen in ITrack supports exporting to both Turbo Lister and Blockthorne.

Getting Turbo Lister

Turbo Lister Download Button
  1. If you have never used Turbo Lister to list parts on eBay, you will need to download and install Turbo Lister.
  2. The eBay screen will display a Download button in the bottom right corner of the Parts listing tab if you don't yet have it installed.
  3. When you click it, the download page for Turbo Lister will appear.
  4. Click the Download Now! button.
  5. A dialog will appear asking you Run or Save, click Run
  6. Once the installer is downloaded, it will ask if you want to Run, accept.
  7. The installer wizard will appear. Walk your way through the installer, the defaults should be good.
  8. Once the installer is completed, click the Finish button.
  9. Back in ITrack, you will now be able to export parts to Turbo Lister, see the Listing Parts section below.

Listing Parts

Finding and Adding Parts

  1. Go to the Parts listing tab.
  2. Click the Add button at the bottom.
  3. This will take you to the Search screen.
  4. Perform a search.
  5. If you would like to add just one part from the search results to the eBay screen, simply double click that part.
  6. If you would like to add multiple parts from the results, hold the Ctrl key and click all parts you would like to add. Then, press the eBay button at the bottom. This will allow you to post multiple items at once, however, at the moment you are only able to list a quantity of one for each item that you are uploading to eBay.
  7. This will cause the eBay screen to appear with the the part(s) you selected.
    • If you have templates configured it will also automatically populate the description field. For more information on templates see Ebay Templates

Editing Parts

  1. To make changes to the Item before exporting to TurboLister, simply double click it or select it and press the Edit button at the bottom.
  2. Use the fields shown to make any necessary changes and then click OK. Note: if the Buy it Now price is set to zero, then the Buy it Now option will be disabled for the item.
  3. You can delete a part from the eBay screen by selecting it (or multiple by holding Ctrl and clicking the items) and pressing the Delete button at the bottom.


Export Button
  1. If the part has any images attached to it, ITrack will automatically add the images (up to 12 pictures) to the posting.
  2. Once you've got your items ready for Export, click the Export button (bottom left) on the Parts listing tab.
  3. A dropdown will appear and allow you choose TurboLister or BlackThorne. Choose the appropriate option.
  4. A Save As dialog will appear asking you where you want to save the CSV. Choose a location you will remember(Desktop is easy to remember) and click the Save button.
  5. Loading the parts into Turbo Lister or Blackthorne:
    • In Turbo go to the File menu > Import items > From File...
    • In Blackthone, go to the File menu > Import > Import From Flat File...
      • Note that exporting a Turbo Lister csv and importing into Blackthorne using the Import Turbo Lister CSV File option will not work.
  6. An open dialog will appear, select the CSV you saved in step 4 and click the Open button.
  7. From here your items will be loaded into Turbo Lister/Blackthorne where you can make any final changes and list the parts on eBay.

Viewing Auctions

  1. Auctions will appear on the Auctions tab.
  2. To get the latest set of auction info, click the Update button.
  3. This will get the latest auction info from eBay.
  4. Double clicking a auction in the list will show the eBay listing for the item on the ITrack Online screen.