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In ITrack, there are a lot of lists, and often times it is necessary or desirable to be able to select one or many items in the list. This may be to send those results to another screen, delete those records, or something else.

Single Selection Lists

Some lists are single selection only. In these kinds of lists, only a single item may be selected at a time. You can select an item by clicking or using the arrow keys to move selection around.

Multiple Selection Lists

Many lists allow the user to select more than one item at a time. Often this can be used to manipulate multiple items at the same time. There are several ways to select more than one item in a list:

  • Individual: Hold down the control key and click on each item you wish to select (ctrl+click). To deselect an item out of a selection, ctrl+click it again.
  • Range: click one item, then hold down shift and click on another item. This will select both items and all items between them.
  • All: hold down ctrl and hit the 'A' key. This will select all items in the list.

Sticky Lists

Some list controls are something called 'sticky lists'. These are a special case of multiple selection lists. These lists constantly remember which items you've clicked on, and to select more than one item, you can just click on every item you wish to select.