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Also known as: Screen, View

A module represents a user interface that is presented to the user when they click on its name in the "Main Menu" in Master. This interface usually interacts with data in the Database or presents the user with an interface that facilitates some common task or procedure.

All currently open modules can be navigated in Master by clicking directly on their names in the "Open Windows" list in Master. In addition, recently used screens can by cycled through by hitting [ctrl + tab].

Some modules are dependent on other modules or Extensions. In such cases, those dependencies will be specified in the description of that module/screen in the specific product's category. All modules are loaded in Extensions and all extensions are dependent on Master.

Hidden Modules

Some modules are hidden and are not visible directly in the main module list and can only be opened from another module. These modules can only be opened from another module, but they are inserted into the open windows list like normal, and can be navigated to as normal.