MySQL Features & Bugs

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  • Automatic Initialization and Updating for TIMESTAMP and DATETIME: added in 5.6.5 Source
  • Virtual/Generated Columns: added in 5.7.9 Source
  • JSON Column Data Type: added in 5.7.8 JSON Data Type: Source

Weird Bugs


x INT DEFAULT NULL #works in all versions
x TIMESTAMP DEFAULT NULL #works in some versions, and not in others
x TIMESTAMP NULL DEFAULT NULL #seems to work in all?

This seems like a bug, but it changed between devdb and cloud (so between 5.7.15 and 5.7.24)

LEFT JOINs act like JOINs sometimes when using ODBC date format

This is a bug in at least MySQL versions 5.6.10 - 5.6.21 that affects Crystal reports.
Reportedly, 5.5.31 is fine, and we know 5.6.22 and 5.7.6 have the bug fix (See Fogbugz Case 13362).