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The Scanner is used for workflow enhancement; scan, take pictures, move data all at the press of like three buttons!

  • Note: This page will later be broken down into sub-pages, once we care about formatting or my commentary here gets too onerous.

Barcode Formatting

All barcodes must be scannable by the Linea Pro handheld model. All barcodes follow the format:

  • Starts with *
  • Prefixed by an alphabetical code:
    • L: Location
    • S: Sample
    • T: Tag number for sample bag
    • W: Work Order
  • Followed by ID
    • This must always be numerical, with the exception of Tag Number
  • Ends with *

The following are examples of valid barcodes:

  • *L1024* - Location ID 1024
  • *S2940* - Sample ID 2940
  • *T1000* - Tag '1000'
  • *TTN 1501* - Tag 'TN 1501'

The following are NOT VALID:

  • *LINCUBATOR* - ID not numerical