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== Server Side ==
#REDIRECT [[Internal:Replikwando/Installation]]
# Create a database on Fonseca where the database name equals the customer's product code
# Create a '''MySQL user''' for the customer
# Setup full privileges for that user to access the the database just created
# Go to the '''mysql''' database and give the user '''"Super" privileges''' in the '''user table'''
# Run the '''flush privileges''' query.
== Client Side ==
# Turn on '''binary logging'''
## Open the my.ini ('''C:\Program Files\mysql\MySQL Server 5.x''') and enter '''log-bin''' under the '''mysqld''' section
## Beneath the '''log-bin''' line, enter the line '''expire-logs-days=10'''
## Restart the mysql service
# Download Replikwando from [http://dl.isoftdata.com dl.isoftdata.com]
# Place the files in '''"C:\ISoft Data Systems\Replikwando\"'''
# Open '''Replication.ini''' and change '''binologpath''' and '''mysqlbinpath''' if needed.
# Setup the '''[todatabase1]''' section to correspond to the server side setting just setup (host should be '''backup.isoftdata.com''', '''port: 3306''')
# Save '''replication.ini'''
# Make sure Replikwando is set to run when the user logs into Windows
# Create a Replikwando shortcut in '''C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup'''
== Finishing Up==
* Check the server side database to confirm things are getting replicated
* Continually check the [http://www.heavytruckparts.net/tools/rreport.php Replikwando Records] page to make sure nothing has broken.
*Note: Replikwando will lock up the entire database during the initial push, so it may be a good idea to run it at the end of the work day.
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