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Server Side

  1. Create a database on Fonseca where the database name equals the customer's product code
  2. Create a MySQL user for the customer
  3. Setup full privileges for that user to access the the database just created
  4. Go to the mysql database and give the user "Super" privileges in the user table
  5. Run the flush privileges query.

Client Side

  1. Turn on binary logging
    1. Open the my.ini (C:\Program Files\mysql\MySQL Server 5.x) and enter log-bin under the mysqld section
    2. Beneath the log-bin line, enter the line expire-logs-days=10
    3. Restart the mysql service
  2. Download Replikwando from
  3. Place the files in "C:\ISoft Data Systems\Replikwando\"
  4. Open Replication.ini and change binologpath and mysqlbinpath if needed.
  5. Setup the [todatabase1] section to correspond to the server side setting just setup (host should be, port: 3306)
  6. Save replication.ini
  7. Make sure Replikwando is set to run when the user logs into Windows
  8. Create a Replikwando shortcut in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Finishing Up

  • Check the server side database to confirm things are getting replicated
  • Continually check the Replikwando Records page to make sure nothing has broken.
  • Note: Replikwando will lock up the entire database during the initial push, so it may be a good idea to run it at the end of the work day.