Replikwando/The Replikwando service on Local Computer started and then stopped

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The Replikwando service on Local Computer started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they have no work to do, for example, the Performance Logs and Alerts service.


If this error message appears it means that Replikwando was installed incorrectly.


Push the Customer's Data

  1. Ensure no instances of Replikwando are running (go into services.msc and stop the service)
  2. Navigate to the Replikwando folder and open Replikwando.exe
  3. Click the 'Restart' button to push over all of the customer's data.
  4. Wait until Replikwando says that it is finished, then click Exit to make sure there are no instances of Replikwando running.

Reinstall Replikwando

  1. Grab the latest version of 'Replikwando as a Service'
  2. Place the files in the Replikwando folder and follow the instructions on the page about Installing Replikwando
  3. After Replikwando is reinstalled, it should automatically start up

Check that it is working

  1. Make a minor change to the database
    1. In ITrack go to 'Edit >> Options >> Company' and place a period after the company slogan
  2. Check on the Production Database to ensure that the changes are reflected on our end
  3. Make sure to remove the period from the company slogan
  4. Reset triggers for the yard that was repushed