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Abraham Serafino was an ISoft employee.

Contact Information


Abraham was homeschooled until 2002, when he began studying Computer Science, Japanese and International Studies at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO). In 2006, he received a $20,000 scholarship to study Japanese language and culture at Shizuoka University, Japan, for 1 year. Abraham also has corporate leadership, VB.NET, and Microsoft SQL Server training from West Corporation and New Horizons.

Professional Background

Abraham has worked as an administrative assistant and liason for the office of International Studies and Programs at UNO. He worked for 1.5 years as a Programmer at West Corporation, working with Java, Java- and VB-script, classic ASP and ASP.NET, Tandem mainframe, Microsoft SQL, the Weblogic Application Server, and several proprietary languages and platforms.

At ISoft he is an ITrackPro developer working primarily with MySQL and Visual C++ 2008 and an LX developer working with HTML/CSS, Javascript and PHP.

Human Interest

Abraham Serafino is a huge fan of Jesus Christ, a punk rocker, and has a blue sash in Shan Tao Kung Fu.