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Josh Duff is an ISoft employee.


Josh was homeschooled by his parents until 2003. At that time, he moved to Lincoln to pursue a business degree (and computer science minor) with a full scholarship at UNL.

After 6 semesters at the university, he stopped taking classes, due to disenfranchisement with university-style education, and failing to complete the necessary credit hours to maintain his scholarship.

Work at ISoft

Josh was hired part-time on 2005-09-20, referred by fraternity brother Dillon Sadofsky. His starting job description was supporting ITrack Pro by answering customer calls, and maintaining reports.

He became a full-time employee on 2006-12-23.

During his first few years at ISoft, he began transitioning from phone support to software development. He has spent most of his time at ISoft as the primary developer for ITrack Pro, while also writing code for ITrack Enterprise as well as many other smaller projects.


Josh can be contacted by email at, or contacted by other members of the ISoft chat server at

He can be reached via the ISoft phone number (800-929-1829) at extension 104.

Other presence on the internet

Josh maintains a home page with sporadic posts, mostly of a libertarian or geeky nature.