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ISoft History

Justin was hired in March of 2009, where he began by learning the ins and outs of ITrack Pro and AX. Currently, he's the main developer for ITrack AX and Replikwando, and also does bug fixing for Pro and Enterprise when the extra help is required.

Education and Experience

Justin graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science (minor in Mathematics) in December of 2008. He's been doing technical support for computers, printers, network connections and infrastructure, televisions, telephones, and server administration for four years, with another two years of programming.

About Justin

While not being an extreme outdoorsman, Justin does like to hunt and fish. Occasional hiking and biking also occur. During the rest of his spare time, he enjoys reading, playing Rock Band, and playing other video games. He also likes to write small programs using C or C++ just because.