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This is where to record pages that should be created at some point, if anyone wants to do something useful in the wiki.

ITrack Pro

host.ini settings (Pro)

It would be very useful to have the host.ini settings explained (with possible/example values).

Work is underway for this page: ITrack/Host.ini_Settings

Search screen (Pro)

Useful things that come up a lot:

  • Explanation of things on the Advanced tab


  • Installing ITrack which I figure could contain information about installing the software? I made reference to Installing ITrack#First Run Instructions which I figure could be a list of stuff the user should do on the first run of the software, such as running the ITrack Registration dialog, Edit->options and Configure->whatever.
  • More general concepts. I've made links to things like VIN Decoding, Printing, Options Dialog, About Dialog, etc, which are available on a sort of product-agnostic scope.
  • Explain general data interaction techniques. See List Selection and Control Types. Other concepts are Context Menus and Tool Tips for example
  • Common keystrokes in ITrack (tell people about tab/enter, arrow keys, hotkey usage, etc)
  • We need to explain the concept of Cores and core prices (and some idea of implementation in Pro and Enterprise).
  • Explain how to fix issue of a locked database
    • KILL <processid> (of running query)