Auto Update System

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Currently the web interface for configuring the update system is located here.

Adding a customer/company

  1. Click the Add A New Customer link
  2. Select the company from the dropdown or if they don't set exist as a company:
    1. Select New Company from the drop down (should be last in the list)
    2. Type the company name in the box below that currently says Enter New Company
  3. Enter the customers product code in the field below
  4. Select The correct product from the Software dropdown
  5. For location, put in the user's computer name.
  6. Hit the Add Customer button
  • Note: This user has now been created, but no updates have been turned on for this customer at this point.

Turning on updates for a particular user

  1. From the main menu click the Manage Existing Customer Data link
  2. Now select the company associated with this user and click the Select Company button
  3. This will populate a list of "locations" for the company you selected
  4. Select the appropriate one from the first drop down.
  5. Product Code and Software appear for this "location"
  6. Select from the list which updates they will receive
  7. Click Apply Changes
  8. Next time ITrack restarts on that machine, it will get the updates you selected.