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Jump to: navigation, search is a company that runs a web site which indexes car parts for car yards across the US.

Software distributes software that allows ITrack users to export parts from ITrack to, as well as to search the database from ITrack. So there are two main parts to Car-Part:

  1. Search - car-part
  2. Upload - pkzip
The Car-Part applications are in \\bunnahabhain\ITRACK\Tech Support\3rd Party Software\Car-Part

You will also need the company's car-part login info, which you can get one of the following ways:

  • Whatever system we're currently using to store customer information
  • Asking fellow ISoft Employee to see if they have a copy of login info
  • Emailing a car-part representative (Cristi at car-part dot com)


(Car-part calls this "Trading Partners" to confuse you.)

Place all of the car-part search files in the %systemdrive%\car-part\ directory.

Run the Config.exe application:

  • In the Inventory Management System drop down menu select ISoft
  • Enter the Username, Password, and Site information that has been provided for you.
    • The site name is usually something like: trade<some_number>
  • The other fields are not required
  • Save the Settings

Run windows_update_fix.reg

When a user clicks the car-part button on the search screen of ITrack, it launches this app. ITrack passes in the search criteria and the car-part app launches the search in their web browser.

If the customer is using Vista/Win7, and the Car-Parts Search is having problems loading - use Firefox instead.
If the Search Online button is greyed out, make sure you go to Edit --> Options --> Company Info and set the yard's type (Car + Medium Duty Truck.


The upload application needs to be in the %systemdrive%\pkzip\ directory.

  1. Grab the zip file from \\bunnahabhain\ITRACK\Tech Support\3rd Party Software\Car-Part and transfer it to the customer's computer.
  2. Unzip the files and make sure that pkzip is in the root of the C:\ drive. Overwrite files if prompted.
  3. Run carpart.exe
  4. Enter the customers login info
    • The site name should be ""

You can check if the information will export correctly by opening ITrack Pro and going to 'Data Import/Export', the Export tab. When you click the 'Export to' button the Car-Part application should launch and blue loading bars should briefly scroll across it. You may need to go to Edit >> Options >>General and turn on the workstation as an Auto Yard for this button to become active.

How It Works

Car-part grabs inventory from ITrack based on interchange number, make and model, and maybe (or maybe not) a few more things. If the interchange numbers were wrong, Duff and Brad are fairly sure that would NOT cause the export to fail outright - it would just make stuff not show up on car-part.

The query it runs

SELECT `year`, `model`, `typenum`, `interchangenum`, `side`, `suggestedprice`, `bottomprice`, `tagnum`, LEFT(`description`, 80), `store` 
FROM `inventory` 
WHERE `quantity` > 0 
AND `status` = 'A' 
AND (`typenum` LIKE '%%0' OR (`typenum` > 99 AND `typenum` < 1000))


  • If ITrack crashes when the button for the Car-Part upload is clicked, then the issue is probably related to host.ini. In the [general] section of host.ini, find the masterdir line and set it to masterdir=.

Car-Part Contact

When we need to speak to someone at Car-Part, we typically speak to Tammy Cavnar. The number to reach Car-part is 859-344-1925.