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The eBay extension is a paid for addition to ITrack that allows you to list inventory on eBay more efficiently.

Setting up the eBay Extension

eBay Account

This is used to hook up an eBay account to ITrack. Hitting the eBay sync button will start an eBay authentication process in your web browser. Agreeing and completing the authentication process will give ITrack permissions to view your eBay account's past listings as well as post new listings to that account. The account can be changed at any time, but changing it will not clear the auctions that ITrack has already stored, it will only change which account it pulls and sends auctions to and from after the change.

Image Hosts

Selecting an image host will tell ITrack where to get the pictures for your listing from. eBay only allows one externally hosted picture to be associated with each listing as the listing's cover photo. You can put as many images as needed in the description of a listing (see Templates for more info). When using direct to eBay only our own websites are currently supported image hosts. The EBay image host option is used with other listing software, such as TurboLister.

Default Listing Options

In this section you can set the defaults you want for most of the listings that will be exported from ITrack. The Listing duration and Condition that are selected should be the one that will apply to most of your listings. The Payment Method list here should reflect what your company will accept and support as payments through eBay (Reminder: one electronic payment method is required to list on eBay). If you chose PayPal as an accepted payment method then the PayPal Email edit should be filled out with a valid email associated with a valid PayPal account. We do not verify or validate PayPal account information.

eBay Templates

Templates are used to automatically populate listings with information that is unique to a specific part. Templates are where you will set the default title, description, Return Policy, and Shipping Options. It is recommended that all regularly listed items have a template. For more information see eBay Templates.

Listing an Item

Finding an Item

To list an item on eBay we must first send it to the Parts listing screen. This can be done either by selecting the part(s) on the search screen and clicking the send to eBay button or by clicking the add button from the Parts listing tab and then double clicking on a part on the search screen.

Sending an Item to eBay

Once the parts are selected and sent to the Parts listing screen all the applicable default fields and template fields will be filled out and populated. While on the Parts listing tab any individual listing can be edited and customized. Once your listings are ready you can hit the Export button and select and export method. We recommend exporting to eBay. Other export options can't receive all the listing information that is selected and filled out in ITrack.

After Listing

Viewing Auctions in ITrack

If you hooked up your eBay account to ITrack after listing an item you can hit the update button or reopen the extension to populate the auctions list with all the auctions associated with that account. ITrack will tell you the status of the auction, the number of bids, the name of the high bidder (if there is one), price, reserve price, quantity listed, quantity sold, how much time is left until the auction expires, and the time the auction was listed.

Managing Closed Auctions

If an auction's status is closed that means an eBay user has bought the part. When this happens there will be a transaction that will be pulled in from eBay and tied to that auction (if more than one quantity was sold there will be multiple transactions). Transactions will contain the date when the winning purchase was made, the price, how many items were bought, the total charge, the status of the payment, the buyer's eBay id, email, and shipping address.

Once an auction has a transaction you can send it to an invoice (even with an incomplete status). If the transaction isn't associated with a customer currently in the database then the customer will be the Default eBay customer.

Listing an Item on eBay

Required Fields

To list an item on ebay it the following fields are required no matter what listing service is used. Only a few of these fields can be exported to other listing software.

  • "Listing Duration"
  • "Condition"
  • One Electronic Payment Method (PayPal recommended)
  • If PayPal is an accepted Payment Method then a "PayPal email" is also required
  • "Title"
  • "Description"
  • "Refund Option"
  • If Returns are accepted then "Returns Within" and "Shipping Paid By" are required
  • A "Starting Price" or "Buy It Now" price of $1.00 or more
  • One valid "Shipping Service"
  • "Dispatch Time"