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Templates are used to fill in the various part specific fields in an eBay listing. These templates are part type specific (ex. one template for engines another for transmissions) but if a part type doesn't have a template assigned to it, the default template will be used instead. The template's description field supports HTML. Tags are supported in the title, subtitle, and description fields.

Creating a Description

To create a template description simply get one of your normal description fields and replace appropriate values with tags. The tags will be replaced with part specific data when you add it to the listings page.

Shipping in Templates

Shipping is only taken from a template if that template is specific to that part. The Default template's shipping options are never used.

Images in Templates

Images that we put into the template itself are different than the pictures we send to eBay for the cover photo. To put a parts picture into a template use the link "http://www.<name of the website>/image.php?productcode={?ProductCode}&inventoryid={?PartNum}&imageid=X" (where x is the number which just represents the numeric ordinal of the image (if excluded 1 is assumed))

So, for example the website URL would look like this:

  • NOTE: if there are more image tags than there are images they will show up as a 1x1 pixel image
    • NOTE: The image URL must be enclosed by HTML image tags( <img></img> ) or it will just appear as a link.


General Tags

Tag Tag gets replaced with
{?Make} The part's make
{?Model} The part's model
{?Year} The part's year
{?Description} The part's description
{?Price} The part's price
{?Manufacturer} The part's assembly manufacturer
{?AssemblyModel} The part's assembly model
{?PartType} The part's type
{?Category} The part's eBay category
{?Store} The part's store
{?ProductCode} The a stores product code
{?TagNumber} The part's tag number
{?Condition} The part's Condition
{?FlexLabelX} The part's flex label (X should be replaced by a number between 1 and 4)
{?FlexValueX} The part's flex value (X should be replaced by a number between 1 and 4}

ITrack Pro Tags

Tag Tag gets replaced with
{?PartNum} The part's specific part number

ITrack Enterprise Tags

Tag Tag gets replaced with
{?InventoryID} The part's inventory id
{?PartNumber} The part's Vendor Part Number
{?PartManufacturer} The Part's Manufacturer (as opposed to the assembly manufacturer)
{?PartModel} The Part's Model (as opposed to the assembly model)