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Upon turning a user on in the Auto Updater system, they get the follow error when ITrack attempts to download an update:

"Failed to download the file <filename> 2 times (No error provided.). Keep trying?"


Current incarnation is the server returning Error 409 (indicates broken http stream or file resource conflict, or web server denying due to file rules).


  • On slow connections you may hit the AU's timeout before the module is done downloading. Try going into the [updater] section of host.ini and increasing the value of the "auto_check_delay" setting.
  • Obtain an up-to-date base set of binaries for your product and overwrite your installed versions with them. Newer versions of ITrack.exe have a fix in them to correct the two-update issue. Once the up-to-date files are in, update the product as usual using the AU.
  • Another thing to check is that your updater settings are correct in host.ini. In the [general] section, the line should be updatedir=.\Updates. If there is a path to a directory in that setting, then ITrack may not be loading updates correctly because of spaces in the directory path.