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Factors for part appearance on HTP.net

Most often users with replikwando running on their systems will see the parts and any updates made to a part reflected on the site immeadiately. However there is a delay before the part can be found using a search with a keyword in it. The sphinx engine has to run an index update to find keywords within the part data in order to find it. Sphinx updates are somewhat server intensive and as such are run only a couple of times during the day.

Parts will appear if:


  • Suggested price is 40% of cost the price states 'Please Call' (on some customer websites the parts are completely removed)
  • Parts with a category of 'CORE' will only appear on the http://cores.heavytruckparts.net/search.php pages. Links to specific searches that match an end users search are shown on the bottom of each page of search results.
  • Customers embedded or hosted websites don't have to match HTP.net's manufacturer and model lists in order for parts to show up.

Configuring parts in ITrack to appear/not appear on HTP.net

By default both ITrack Pro and Enterprise will mark parts to appear on HTP.net, users must decide per part to not show on the web.


  • Parts screen > Advanced tab > Show part on Internet checkbox


  • Parts screen > Advanced tab > Make part public checkbox
  • Vehicles screen > Whole Units tab > Unit is public (show on internet) checkbox