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Keyword searching is something that users often do when they search for parts on HeavyTruckParts.net. Many pieces of text are indexed and can be used by the keyword search. Here is a general list of the things that can be searched for by the keyword search:

  • The entire description field
  • The year
  • The Make, model, part manufacturer, and part model fields
  • The item's category
  • The "side" an item comes from
  • The textual version of the part type, according to HeavyTruckParts.net's master list (for example, "Engine Assembly")
  • All public Q&A and "more" field data (though since the flex fields labels are consistent, they are not indexed, to avoid "JAKE: NO" from coming up in searches for "JAKE"). This would also include information like the ratio of a transmission.
  • OEM, VIN, and serial numbers
  • The item's tag number
  • Item Condition

You'll notice that it does not index any pricing or cost data (which wouldn't be useful for keyword searching), nor does it index "internal" numbers, like partnum/inventoryid or stocknum/vehicleid. We also do not index the location field. We do not index interchange numbers, interchange notes, upc data, or the "bodystyle" field. All parts in the index MUST be public (worldviewable != 'False'), have a suggested price and a quantity greater than 0, a status of A or H, and CANNOT be CORE category items (in other words, the keyword index operates on the same set of inventory that HeavyTtruckParts.net displays).

The keyword search index is rebuilt roughly every half hour or so, depending on the time of day.

Vendors will often use HeavyTruckParts.net to check if their parts are showing online. If you are a vendor searching for a specific tag number it is better to be more specific than just Tag# when keyword searching for your part. Adding the part type and make/model of the vehicle will produce better results. So if you are looking for Tag# 12345 that is an Engine off of an International truck, instead of keyword searching for "12345" search for "Engine Assembly International 12345".