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Auction States

ITrack AX uses states to track the current situation of an auction.


The state of all newly-created auctions.

  • Parts can be added
  • Parts are not appraised at this point, and their modifiers are probably Deleted
  • Lots can be assigned
  • Auction information (location, date...) are configured
  • Auction does not show up online


This state means that parts are still being entered, but the auction is viewable online.

  • Items are still being entered and lotted
  • Proxy bids can be taken
  • Auction shows up online (AX Live is still off, though)
  • Auction details are assumed to be concrete (location, date, name)


The state an auction waits in before it gets started.

  • Parts get a default bidder/seller modifier template applied
  • Parts can still be edited, but are mostly ready to go
  • Lots are assigned. Parts without lots can still be assigned one
  • Auction shows up online (AX Live is still off, though)
  • The auction gets its appraisal values set. These can be reconfigured at will, though

In Progress

The auction is actually going, right now. There are people, in a truck, and people with flags, and bidders.

  • Parts should only be edited to correct errors
  • The AX Live client is available to bidders
  • Clerking values are being entered against parts
  • Bidders without special modifier needs may be invoiced out
  • Multi-day auctions should go back to Ready when the bidding is done for a day


The auction is over, and invoicing needs to be done. If more bidding is going to happen, the auction should be set to Ready instead.

  • Parts should no longer be edited.
  • Invoices are being done, and all invoices can be generated at this point.


The auction is over, and all accounting for the auction is done.

  • Appraisal cached values are recalculated to include the new auction data.


At some point, for some reason, the Auction got closed and deleted.

  • Appraisal cached values are reverted
  • Invoices for bidders and sellers are removed
  • Parts are deleted


Auction states flow from one to another, and must happen in a strict order.


  • Viewable: The auction should be viewable online
  • Deleted: The auction was created by accident, or got canceled


  • New: The auction shouldn't actually be online
  • Ready: The auction is ready to be shown online and have its parts viewed
  • Deleted: The auction was created by accident, or got canceled


  • Viewable: Additional parts and images need to be attached, or auction details need to be changed
  • In Progress: The auction is running
  • Deleted: The auction has been canceled

From:In Progress

  • Ready: Bidding is done for the day
  • Finishing: The auction is over, and accounting is taking place


  • In Progress: The auction was accidentally finished, when it is still in progress (has another day to go)
  • Closed: Accounting is finished, and life is good