ITrack/Enterprise/Changelog 2010-08

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Database Updates

  • Added: an index requested by Brian Roy that speeds up the customer contact website significantly for yards with lots of customers and contact data.
  • Removed: the setting that controls the drag static on the home page. This setting is being replaced with a new one, so this cleans up the (now) unused old setting.


  • Removed: image viewer.
  • Added: "Message of the Day" web browser where the 'logo' image browser used to be.
  • Added: the ini setting "general"/"home_website" now controls the website the home page visits initially (the default is http:\\
  • Added: a user setting "Home"->"Links open new browser windows" (default True). This setting forces all links clicked in the home page web browser to be opened in the user's preferred web browser (controlled by another setting). This means that (by default) any links will open in the ITrack Online extension (or the user's default web browser, depending on their configuration).
  • Added: if the URL above is empty, the ini setting "homelogo" will still be used. However, HomeLogo.html will be written to the user's temp directory which will display this image. This will maintain compatibility between different versions of internet explorer. If the ini setting "general"->"logo_url" is non-empty, the image will be a hyperlink to that website.


  • Fixed: the default URL the screen visits now has the correct underscore in the HTP homepage URL.


  • Fixed: the logout function now properly displays the login dialog centered on the screen.


  • Fixed: the previously uploaded version was missing a destination filename.

  • Added: when the user drags the master window around, the login dialog now stays centered in the window.


  • Fixed: a crash that could happen when looking up zip code/cities by state.
  • Fixed: a database error that would pop up when saving a new store using the company page.


  • Fixed: when adding existing components to an assembly from invnetory, the screen would create a copy in inventory instead of just using the existing item.
  • Added: color coded legend at the bottom of the screen.
  • Fixed: sometimes the "Collections containing this component" tree wouldn't show correctly when you first loaded a component item until you resized one of the columns or clicked an expand button (+).
  • Added: on read-only items (components that were saved previously), the editable columns (quantity, cost factor, use checkbox, and integral checkbox) all have a white background to help the user understand that they're still editable.


  • Added: by customer request, when adding items to the purchase order list, if the item is not found in the vendor catalog, the part # on the replenishable tab will be used as the vendor part #.


  • Fixed: (bug 1590) if the user previewed the same report more than once in a row, the old parameter values were being remembered. Now, it properly refreshes on every print as expected.


  • Fixed: the user associated with a payment was being set to the salesman on the invoice. It is now always the user that entered the payment (as per bug 1611).


  • Fixed: several crashes and strange issues that came up when the user had "show/preview images" off but opened a vehicle with images.
  • Added: as per user request, the send vehicle email button now uses a set of user settings to decide whether each piece of data is checked by default in the email dialog. Every field (other than the Q&A fields) has an entry in Configure->Settings under "Vehicles: Email Settings" -> "Default: show ". The Q&A sections have one setting that applies to all Q&A items. This allows a user to say (for example), that when they send a vehicle email, they don't want VIN or notes to show up without having to uncheck them.



  • Fixed: the cystal reports printer would throw "An unknown error has occurred when trying to print" whenever a report with an optional parameter was printed.



  • Fixed: report parameters that were marked as "Dates" in the database, but as Strings in the crystal report file now work correctly. This was due to the fact that Date parameters were stored in the user's locale-specific date format internally, but if the dates are 'strings' to crystal, they need to be in MySQL format (ISO 8601 format).
  • Fixed: issue where date parameters had to be in the format of MM/DD/YYYY in order for date parameters to work right.


  • Fixed: issue where date time strings might be in the format YYYY-MM-DD until the user clicks on them.


  • Added: the print job button now pops up the choose printer dialog.

  • Added: the print job button now allows the user to print the currently selected job. If the WO has been modified, it will save without clearing before the print.
  • Added: the WO screen is now capable of saving the WO without clearing the interface.


Database Updates

  • Added: there is now a customer unit # field in the job table. This was required for the implementation of bug 1556. This field is only paid attention to on external WO jobs. By default, the work order's unit # was automatically copied to each job's unit.


  • Changed: the "Compression" flag's default value from False to True. This feature has been in use long enough to pass testing approval, and the benefits of using it are high. Changing the default to True will not enable the feature for any existing installations.


  • Fixed: an issue where the login dialog would appear in the wrong location before it was fully loaded (slight visual issue).


  • Removed: individual edit/combo box/date time picker fields that would become visible when the user selected a parameter.
  • Added: editable fields in the list ctrl. This includes the new list date time picker for datetime fields.
  • Fixed: several issues that kept people from entering parameter values correctly.


  • Fixed: if a user adds a return line to an invoice, it will now clear out any backorder and lost sale quantities.


  • Added: the add/edit job dialog now has another area towards the bottom for fields specific to customer jobs. The only thing the user can currently fill out in this area is choosing a customer unit #. The job-specific customer unit will default to the same unit as the work order's customer unit. However, the user can override the unit on a specific job. Filling out the job-specific unit is not required for save or finalization (this field can be left blank on a job as well).
  • Added: unit description field to the job dialog so that the user can see advanced info about the currently selected unit.
  • Added: customer job fields are properly locked down in template mode or on internal WOs.
  • Added: when the user changes the customer unit on the WO, if any jobs were marked with the same unit, they are changed to the new selection.
  • Added: new unit column in the job list. This column is only visible when a customer work order type is selected on the screen. This field shows the unit selected for a particular job. Clicking in this field shows the entire unit description (in a multi-line edit).
  • Added: the customer unit dropdown, customer misc unit edit box, and the add/edit customer unit button are now grayed out until a valid customer is loaded on a customer WO. This should help the user understand what fields they need to interact with first.



  • Fixed: an intermittent issue that could cause the payments dialog to be invisible.


  • Fixed: a rare crash that happens on certain systems when resources are low.


  • Fixed: error and crash when opening this screen if you did not have permssion to open it.
  • Fixed: if the user doesn't have permission to open the screen, the 'choose columns' dialog doesn't appear.


  • Fixed: a bug where loading an internal WO, then loading an external WO (without clearing the screen between) might cause the master parts on the internal WO to get 'moved' to the external WO.
  • Added: the job list now has the following new columns: "Labor Rate", "Labor Charge", "Parts Charge", "Shop Fee", and these values populate from the appropriate job values. This makes multi-job WOs much easier to figure out where the price is coming from.
  • Fixed: opening a finalized WO now keeps jobs from recalculating any of the totals that were saved in the database. This makes it so that, if a WO was finalized and corrected in the database, the original totals will show up on the screen.
  • Added: tooltips to the job and labor lists.
  • Added: all lists on the screen now bold important columns and have gridlines for easier reading.