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In ITrack Pro, image are stored with a certain naming convention to identify them to the software. No record is made in the database when images are added. To find images for a part or vehicle, the software simply looks in the image folder for images matching the convention.

Private images

Private images show up as unchecked on the parts screen, and will not show up on


Parts are always named in this pattern: the part number, an underscore, the image number (an arbitrary number determined by the images' place in the list), a bang if the part is private, and the file extension.

[Part Number]_[Image Number][!].jpg

A private image on from part number 40: 40_2!.jpg

A publicly viewable image from part number 13: 13_5.jpg


Vehicle images follow almost the exact same naming convention, except with a letter V preceding the stock number.

V[Stock Number]_[Image Number][!].jpg

A private image on vehicle number 136: V136_1!.jpg

A publicly viewable image on vehicle number 2: V2_4.jpg