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Server Side

This section is specific to setting things up on the server side for a new customer. If its an existing customer that is moving to a new server, use Migrating a server This guide assumes they are running a Windows server.

Do these things first

  1. Download and run the MySQL installer
    1. Current MySQL version to use for Enterprise: 5.6.x Usually 5.6.22
    2. Current MySQL version to use for Pro: 5.7.x
    3. Current MySQL version to use for AX: 5.6.14
  2. When the option appears, choose Non-transactional database
  3. Be sure to uncheck the "Enable Strict Mode" option
  4. Install SQLYog

For Pro

If your setting up a Pro database run the following scripts from <svn>\ITrack\trunk\ITrackPro\Database\

  1. Clean Pro Database.sql
  2. Reports.sql
  3. Update.sql

Also, run the sql script to insert model/mnfcrmod data for the type of yard your setting up (these scripts are in the "model - mnfcrmod data" directory).



Creating a new presage DB

Client Side

this too

  • Note: If you want to run ITrack with a different configuration file, create a shortcut and change "Target" in its properties to have a -i configfile at the end (where configfile is the name of the new configuration file). Example: "C:\Program Files\ISoft Data Systems\ITrack Pro\itrack.exe" -i host2.ini