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Service version of Replikwando, which will backup database in case of hard drive failure in addition to updating inventory on automatically.

-Need SSL keys from Brian

  1. Connect to server thru VNC
  2. Create Replikwando account on Replikwando Records website
    Update Kungfu to show the new HTP account informatoin
  3. Download Replikwando Install pack from
  4. Copy certificates over to C:\Program Files\Isoft Data Systems\Certificates
  5. Run "install as service" bat file
  6. Edit Replication.ini file
    1. Check sqlyog that the following matches the clients:
      Use frontend to check the username and password
    2. Set Username and Password for [toDatabase] with same account info setup on Replikwando Records
      Use Frontend to convert pass to hash
      Add "Z" in front of hash
    3. Set database = product code (Can be found Replikwando Records)
    4. Set prefix = company name
      Copy company name from certs, everything before -cert
      Ex. for ARA-Truck-Parts-cert prefix=ARA-Truck-Parts
  7. Edit my.ini file (C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL server 5.1\my.ini)
    1. Add the following under [mysqld]:
  8. Stop and Start the MySQL service
    1. Restart service in control panel -> Admin tools -> services
    2. in command prompt:
      net stop mysql
      net start mysql
  9. Set up Task Schedule to run Replikwando once after business hours.
    Only need to set up schedule if installing during business hours so that you don't lock up clients database
  10. Tell Brian user and Product code so he can set up triggers on
  • Note: Replikwando will lock up the entire database during the initial push, so it may be a good idea to run it at the end of the work day.