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Replikwando is ISoft's database replication program. While active, all changes on your ITrack database will change our locally hosted data. This allows us to make changes to as you make changes during the day.

Current Release: 1.1.7b

Replikwando Changelog


For installation, please see Replikwando installation.

Technical Support

Replikwando is a service program meant to be run full-time. If the external internet connection goes down but your clients can still make changes to your local database, Replikwando will just wait for the connection to go back up before sending changes. No data is lost from a disconnect.

All normal operations on the database will be transmitted without error. This includes any changes you make through the ITrack Pro and Enterprise clients. However, editing the database using a different client (such as SQLyog) may result in errors if incorrect or external tables are referenced.

If your Replikwando starts showing errors on its diagnostic screen, or if your account seems out-of-date, please call us so we can get you back up to speed as soon as possible! Replikwando also has log files that are rotated to maintain a maximum size that will detail any note-worthy errors that were detected. These files all end in *.log.

Currently, installation procedure limits the binary log duration to ten days. If any Replikwando installation happens to go out of sync for a longer time than ten days, a complete push will need to be done.

For tech support staff who want to talk to remote Replikwando installations, go here.

Known Issues

  • Any database that reads a local sql file using the LOAD DATA INFILE command is not handled correctly, and will cause an error.
  • Any calls to a database that are not the replicated one will most likely fail (ie: INSERT INTO `my_db`.`table` SELECT * FROM `not_my_db`.`table`)
  • Queries must be ran with the active database being USE'd (ie: "USE `not_my_db`; INSERT INTO `my_db`.`table` VALUES ('value')" will not be transmitted)
  • ROW-based replication does not transmit data
  • Temporary tables and temp values are all ran from a single thread instead of using pseudothreadids correctly

Other additional errors may be found here.