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Current Version: 1.1.7b


Replikwando 1.8.0

Major version release. Version numbering scheme changed:

  • <MAJ>.<MIN>.<MINMIN>[rev]
  • to
  • <MAJ>.<MIN>.<rev>[sub]


Added ability to handle ROW-based replication.

  • CRITICAL - Fixed: If the last query handled by Replikwando since the most recent binlog check was ROLLBACK, and the most recent query processed from the current binlog check was ROLLBACK, then any query that came after it would be erroneously dropped until TopQuery (the UI's last known processed query) was updated.
  • CRITICAL - Fixed: Comments that start with `!<number>` no longer have IsTokenComment return TRUE as they are actually MySQL statements protected by version checks.
  • CRITICAL - Fixed: A bug where query errors on repush could end up not getting reported or marking the repush as failed.
  • Fixed: mysqlbinlog.exe zombie process and pipe handling.
  • Fixed: Replikwando begins logging details immediately on startup, instead of when it's knee-deep in connection handling.
  • Changed: Promoted fresh sqlite file notification log level from NOTIFY to GENERAL.
  • Fixed: TO thread now sleeps between cycles instead of spinlocking and consuming system resources.
  • Fixed: BASE64 tokens not being tokenized correctly.
  • Changed: BINLOG statements are now replicated instead of being discarded.
  • Fixed: A bug where failed To Connection attempts would erroneously report as Heartbeat failures.
  • Added: Many string efficiency changes.
  • Added: Deeper logging for internal Query Pipes.
  • Added: Little notes for the GUI and log for when different repush sections are reached. For debugging.
  • Added: Support for Socket/Named-Pipe connections instead of TCP where available.

Replikwando 1.1.7

First released version.

Replikwando 1.1.7b

Major logging changes documented at Replikwando Error Logging.