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Mostly Falsehoods

B-Moore, who is often mysteriously referred to only as "Brad", is a 6'3" male from rural Nebraska. He bats left, throws left, shoots right, guitars right, and boards both. B-Moore is known to be adept at throwing knives, playing tubas, speaking Portuguese, and other vitally important skill sets (and musical instruments and languages that no one else in Nebraska knows.)

Bold-Faced Lies

Psychologically, B-Moore is an INTJ with some other strange elements thrown in. Ideologically, he is an epistemic skeptic, a dualist, a soft-determinist, a hard consequentialist, and a Jesus Freak. Etymologically, his full name means "broad high wetland". Logically, there exists an X such that X is B-Moore.

Vague Non-Information

Some years ago, B-Moore achieved notoriety for his involvement in the "band folder" incident. When asked to comment on the matter, he requested a moment to gather his thoughts, after which he succinctly concluded: "Your face."

More Falsehoods

In the political sphere, B-Moore has established a 25+ year track record of consistently supporting the general coolness. Running on this platform, recent poll results indicate that he is probably the next President of the United States of America.