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ITrack Enterprise

ITrack Enterprise is ISoft Data System Inc.'s enterprise level inventory tracking software. A logical progression from ITrack Pro, enterprise edition (EE) is designed for deployment in larger infrastructures, namely in multi-location or multi-campus environments.

Feature Additions

EE has numerous improvements and features amongst the ITrack family, including the following:

  • Inter-branch management. EE facilitates the simultaneous operation, synchronization, and management of multiple, geographically separate locations.
  • Advanced core management. Extensive core bank utilities allow the user to follow up on owed customer cores, rebuild dirty cores, and return expected cores to purchase vendors.
  • Extremely flexible interface. EE was designed from the ground up to facilitate companies with widely varied and unique inventory management perspectives. Part of EE's evolution was incorporating and improving on industry standard processes. No matter how a company likes to manage and view their data, EE is capable of facilitating them.
  • Extensive work order system. Work orders in EE encompass work done for walk in customers, rebuilding, building for stock, and more. From shop fees to dirty core rebuilding, WO's can do it all.
  • Automatic realtime data synchronization using Replikwando. Data loss is a thing of the past with the ability to have up to the second offsite backups. In addition, multi-database setups can facilitate a separate repository for rapid and accurate reporting or viewing.